Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 4 recap: Nightmares at the cemetery

Lockwood & Co key art.
Lockwood & Co. embark on their next case in episode 4. (Image credit: Netflix)

 NOTE: This post contains spoilers for Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 4, “Sweet Dreams.”

Now that Annabel Ward’s case is closed, the Lockwood & Co. team sets off to improve its reputation by solving more mysteries. Let’s find out how Lockwood & Co.’s fourth episode gets Anthony, George, and Lucy in more trouble despite their best efforts to avoid it. 

New client

Skull in his jar in Lockwood & Co.

Lucy recalls her encounter with the Skull. (Image credit: Netflix)

We left Lucy passed out on the floor of the safe room after hearing the voice of the Skull talking to her at the end of the previous episode. When this one opens, we find her laying in bed after the facts. She has been asleep for so long that Lockwood and George went on a mission without her, during which they had to be rescued by Kipp’s crew due to being unprepared. Over tea, Lucy tells them she doesn’t remember what happened in the basement. 

A new client comes to the agency, two excavators called Sebastian Saunders and Pamela Joplin. They need help at the Kensal Green cemetery, which is owned and run by the Bickerstaff family. They have found an unmarked grave that might contain a Type Two visitor and need agents to handle it. Lockwood is initially reluctant to help but when he learns the body buried there might have historical significance (hence, some prestige for the agency if they succeed), his interest is piqued.

On the road to the cemetery later that night, Lockwood warns Lucy and George they need to be wary of relic men, people who come to these types of places to get their hands on Sources and other ghost-related items, and do not shy away from murder to get what they want. When they arrive at the graveyard, they find Mr. Saunders in the middle of a disagreement with the crew of sensitives, gravediggers, and other workers he has on the site, as none of them want to go anywhere near the mysterious grave because they can sense a dangerous visitor. Ever eager to please, Lockwood reassures them that they will have control of the situation in no time.

Exposed casket and angry ghosts

Lockwood and his team go to check out the grave site, but as they start working on it, Lucy can feel that whatever is in there is strong while also starting to remember what happened in the basement of the house. George realizes the casket is made of iron, which is unusual as it predates the Problem. 

While Lockwood and George try to secure it with a net, Lucy is having a hard time concentrating because of the noise she can hear. She even accidentally cuts her arm, while George and Anthony open the casket and see what’s inside. George becomes weirdly hypnotized by a mirror the corpse is holding, and eventually Lucy manages to cover the casket and secure the grave.

The job didn’t go completely as the team would have liked and once it is done they are all a bit scattered. Lucy sees a grave with a skull on its tombstone and remembers the skull in the safe room spoke to her. Meanwhile, George is answering Pamela Joplin’s questions about the grave when he accidentally pulls up the net, freeing what is inside. The giant form of a visitor comes out and Lucy throws her rapier at it, giving George enough time to cover it back up. All in all, everyone involved can tell something is very wrong here.

Back at the house, Lucy talks to the skull who says he has much to tell her and teach her if she lets him out. When she approaches it, the skull can feel she has been near power and warns her that “death is coming.” Lucy tells Anthony and George about talking with the skull but they don’t believe she can be like Marissa Fittes, the only person known to this world to have been able to talk with Type Three visitors. 

Back to the crime scene 

Quill Kipps and Kat Godwin in uniform in Lockwood & Co

Lockwood & Co. are forced to link up with Kipps' team. (Image credit: Netflix)

After Lockwood, Lucy, and George have their big fight, Lockwood goes up to Lucy’s room to help take care of her wound. He reveals he was orphaned at the age of 6 and that what is behind the door on the house’s landing is the past he doesn’t like to talk about. He also admits to believing her about the skull. They make up and go to do the same with George, only to find that he has left the house to go back to the cemetery.

George is very curious about the casket and runs into Barnes who says the place is now a crime scene as the mirror has been stolen. The inspector adds that he gave the case to Kipps’ team but when they give their preliminary report, George has a better answer as to who the body in the casket is. He explains it is a wealthy occultist ahead of his time named Edmund Bickerstaff, who lived during the Victorian era, and that his mirror is something that will go for a fortune on the black market. 

Barnes orders both teams to find that relic and get it back. Kipps is not happy that they have to all work together and confronts Lockwood about it. They decide to bet over this case, with the loser agreeing to quit the ghost-hunting business for good. 

Who will win this bet? Will Lucy figure out what the skull wants? 

The first season of Lockwood & Co. is available to stream on Netflix

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