Love in the Villa ending explained: do Julie and Charlie become star-crossed lovers?

Kat Graham as Julie, Tom Hopper as Charlie
Do Julie and Charlie end up together in Netflix's Love in the Villa? (Image credit: Riccardo Ghilardi/ Netflix)

Warning! Contains spoilers for Love in the Villa!

Netflix rom-com Love in the Villa delivers a special slice of Italy in this Verona-based love story as we follow Romeo and Juliet-obsessed Julie Hutton (Kat Graham) go on her dream vacation to Verona after a bad breakup.

Her getaway doesn't get off to the best start though as she's left with no luggage and a crazy taxi driver who speeds through the streets of Italy.

And it's made even worse when her villa is double-booked and she's forced to share her vacation with an obnoxious British man called Charlie Fletcher (Tom Hopper).

Although the pair aren't each other's biggest fans at the beginning, the pair start to develop feelings for each other — but Charlie has commitments elsewhere with his fiancée Cassie (Laura Hopper). 

So what happens at the end of Love in the Villa? Did Julie get the romantic getaway she was hoping for and find her own Romeo in Charlie? Or does it turn out to be a brief holiday fling and they go their separate ways? Here is everything you need to know...

Love in the Villa ending explained: do Julie and Charlie become star-crossed lovers?

As Julie and Charlie soak up the beautiful Italian culture together, their feelings for each other begin to grow. But their romantic time comes to an abrupt end when Charlie's fiancée Cassie unexpectedly shows up at the villa.

Julie is heartbroken to learn the devastating news and the pair reluctantly part ways. But, Julie is in for another surprise when her ex-boyfriend Brandon shows up to Verona to win her back.

By chance, Julie and Brandon show up to the same restaurant where Charlie and Cassie are dining and she invites the pair to have dinner with them.

A very awkward dinner ensues, where Julie gets drunk on wine and is escorted out by Brandon. 

Charlie realizes that Cassie is wrong for him and breaks up with her, before running off to declare his love to Julie.

Unbeknownst to Charlie, Brandon had proposed to Julie and Charlie was heartbroken to stumble upon her admiring the engagement ring Brandon put on her finger, thinking that she had accepted the proposal.

TV tonight A summery tale of star-crossed lovers.

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But, Julie also comes to the same realization as Charlie and turns down Brandon's proposal.

The next day, Julie visits Juliet's tomb and before she says an emotional farewell to Verona, she goes back to retrieve her "Italia is for lovers" sweater from the villa.

When she's about to leave, Charlie shouts up to the balcony and quotes Romeo's famous lines from Romeo and Juliet to get Julie's attention.

And in true Romeo and Juliet fashion, Charlie and Julie confess their love to each other and kiss — a star-crossed lovers moment.

What happens to Brandon and Cassie?

After their respective partners dump them, it seems Brandon and Cassie embark on a love story of their own when they bump into each other in Verona.

Cassie invites Brandon to have a drink with her before she goes to the airport and it's left open as to what happens next with the pair, but we can guess there could be romance involved!

Love in the Villa is available to watch on Netflix now.

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