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Love Island USA — who is Courtney Boerner? Her career, relationship status and fun fact

Courtney Boerner, Love Island USA season 4
Courtney Boerner, Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Peacock)

If you’ve been keeping up with Love Island USA season 4, then you know Courtney Boerner is being compared to one of the most popular women in music today. It’s not that Courtney looks like this individual or has her amazing vocal range when it comes to singing (or at least that we’ve seen thus far). It seems the new reality star is garnering the comparisons due to her very unique speaking voice. 

Who is this musician you ask? Well, when Courtney holds conversations with her Love Island castmates, it seems viewers think she sounds just like The Voice’s Ariana Grande. 

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Outside of being gorgeous like the rest of the cast and having a voice that sounds famous and familiar, Courtney has also managed to garner attention from her brief time with Andy Voyen. He pretty much made her run for the hills when he mentioned he was a mama’s boy and fans couldn’t help but find laughter in her response.  

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So just who is Courtney Boerner? Here’s what we know.  

Where is Love Island USA’s Courtney Boerner from?

Although she currently resides in Los Angeles, Courtney is originally from Winter Park, Fla. 

What is Courtney Boerner from Love Island USA’s job? 

Outside of her role as a contestant on Love Island USA season 4, Courtney is a stylist. It appears she is also a bit of a social media influencer. Additionally, it looks like she spent at least one occasion being a boxing ring girl working for the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight. 

Does Courtney Boerner from Love Island USA have a girlfriend or boyfriend? 

If you’ll recall in the first episode, Courtney proudly shared that she is bisexual, so we attempted to find out if there is a special someone in her life. Given she’s currently on the show, it should come as no surprise we weren’t able to find much about her love life. 

What does Courtney Boerner from Love Island USA look for in a partner? 

For those hoping to shoot their shot with Courtney if she’s single, then you should know she loves a great personality. Also, you’ll want to be sure your oral hygiene classifies as amazingly minty as Courtney hates bad breath. 

In terms of looks, we can’t say what she is and isn’t physically attracted to. However, when asked about her celebrity crushes she lists Keanu Reeves, Michael B. Jordan, Will Smith and James Franco. 

Courtney Boerner interesting fact

Prior to her stint on the show, Courtney admitted to having had 19 cosmetic procedures. We commend her on her bravery to be forthright with that information because many people wouldn’t necessarily volunteer it.  

Be sure to catch new episodes of Love Island USA season 4 when they air Tuesday through Sunday at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on Peacock. 

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