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Love Island USA season 4: release date and everything we know about the reality series

Love Island USA season 3 cast laughing around a fire
Love Island USA season 3 cast laughing around a fire (Image credit: Paramount)

After three seasons on CBS, Love Island USA season 4 has found a new home on Peacock. Now officially a part of the streaming world, the show has teased that the restraints of broadcasting networks have been lifted and things are about to take a more "explicit" turn. (Although not too explicit we're sure, given Peacock has a reputation to uphold.) 

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Even with the streaming service calling the new season "steamier" than the last, the heart of the series remains the same. A group of strangers flock to a beautiful destination spot in the hopes of finding the romantic yin to their yang. Who are we kidding? If strangers manage to find love in the controlled chaos of the show, that’s absolutely great, but the contestants are also likely incentivized by the cash prize. 

Here’s everything we know about Love Island USA season 4. 

When is the Love Island USA season 4 release date?  

Love Island USA season 4 starts streaming on Peacock on Tuesday, July 19. In some bonus good news, the series will now air six days a week instead of five like last season. 

Calling all UK fans of Love Island USA. Given the original Love Island UK is an ITV series, and the previous season of Love Island USA is on ITV, we anticipate the forthcoming season will also air on the platform in the UK. However, we will provide confirmation on this once we know more.

By the way, looking for something to watch to help build your anticipation for the brand new episodes of Love Island USA coming this summer? Well, Paramount Plus is currently streaming the entire third season. 

Love Island USA premise 

Love Island season 3 cast

(Image credit: Paramount)

Like The Office, Shameless, The X Factor and a number of other shows, Love Island USA is based on a British original. Like its predecessor Love Island UK, the series follows a group of strangers as they spend several weeks of their summer coupling with one another in the hopes of finding the right partner to not only build a romantic relationship with, but also to build a winning team.

While in principle this sounds easy enough, things become complicated as new singles are added to the mix, testing partnerships. Additionally, the various challenges the cast must compete in certainly don’t help things. 

During the course of the competition, the contestants will reevaluate their partnerships and decide if they want to continue on with their partner or pair up with someone else at weekly coupling ceremonies. Individuals found to be single after each ceremony are sent home unless they are saved by viewers. By the end of the summer, a winning couple is chosen to split a cash prize. 

As for Love Island USA season 4, all the details haven’t been released yet, but as People (opens in new tab) reports, Peacock has stated the new installment will be "steamier" with "naughtier games and sexier challenges." Additionally, the series will be shot off the coast of California. 

Love Island USA season 4 cast 

The cast for the upcoming season is being held a closely guarded secret for now. However, once we know more, we’ll be sure to pass along the update. 

Love Island USA season 4 trailer 

It looks like we’ll have to wait for an official trailer for Love Island USA season 4, as one has yet to be released. However, we’re expecting one to be revealed soon as the show premieres in July.  

How to watch Love Island USA season 4

Love Island USA season 4 is officially now a Peacock Original series. As such, in order to view the season you’ll need a subscription to the streaming service. 

Those in the UK can also anticipate on watching the series via Peacock by utilizing their subscription via Sky TV and Now. 

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