Love Island USA: Andy riles up fans again with shocking move

Andy smiling as a contestant of Love Island USA season 4
Andy on Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Peacock)

It’s surprising how Love Island USA’s Andy Voyen went from being this sweet guy from the midwest to the season 4 "villain" in a matter of one week. Although given the show is pretty much a competition about accelerated experiences of dating and relationships, maybe we shouldn't be too shocked. Anyway, let’s get to why Andy is the topic of conversation this time

In the July 24 episode of the Peacock series, the romance between him and Mady McLanahan appears to be stalling. While she is physically his type with blonde hair and blue eyes (a point that he has a habit of repeating), he doesn’t seem to be able to form a deeper connection with her. To his point, she admits to being guarded, but viewers have to question what steps he’s taken to make her feel comfortable in sharing more about herself. Just telling a person how pretty they are isn’t necessarily the key to getting them to open up. 

With his connection with Mady almost at an impasse, Andy starts taking a look at the other women on the island. In particular, he redirects his attention to Sydney Paight, who is currently dating Andy's alleged friend in the competition, Isaiah Campbell. During a discussion with Sydney, Andy confesses that things seem "forced" with Mady, but with the red-head, things appear to be "easy and fun" and "feels pretty natural."

In response, Sydney admits to liking Isaiah and "seeing potential" with him, but then she shares she also sees potential with Andy. That remark gets Andy’s wheels churning about what to do next. Wanting some advice on the matter, he turns to Jesse Bray. 

Let’s face it, Jesse is not exactly the person Andy should probably turn to for dating tips considering Jesse literally just got out of a messy triangle involving Deb Chubb and Valerie Bragg. However, what are the pearls of wisdom Jesse gives Andy? 

In short, he tells the Minnesotan to go for what he wants regardless of the possibility of hurting others’ feelings. He pretty much foreshadows a bad night for Isaiah. 

Fast forwarding to the Recoupling Ceremony. When it’s Andy’s turn to announce who he chooses to move forward in the week with as a couple, he completely stuns the other contestants by announcing he’d like to pair with Sydney. (Seriously, did you see Zeta Morrison’s reaction? It’s a gif.)

After his shocking declaration, Isaiah and Mady do their best to hide their frustration behind forced smiles. However, Isaiah then has to make his coupling decision for the week and he starts off his remarks with the comment "the good people always getting done dirty." He then chooses to partner with Mady. 

Given how tense things are at the moment, you better believe some drama is coming. 

Fans react to Andy to choosing Sydney

It looks like fans are trying to determine if they like the dramatic effect of Andy's move or if they just think it's a violation of "Bro Code." We’ll have to see if his actions will have unwelcomed consequences for him moving forward as viewers will have a chance to influence how the game precedes.  

New episodes of Love Island USA release Sunday through Friday each week on Peacock.

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