Love Island USA — who is Isaiah Campbell? His career, relationship status and fun fact

Isaiah Campbell from Love Island USA season 4 posing
Isaiah Campbell from Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Peacock)

Isaiah Campbell may have led a relatively uneventful first week on Love Island USA season 4, but as soon as week two rolled around, his name started to become a frequent trending topic, with good reason. 

While some Love Island USA viewers are opting to share the almost obligatory "Isaiah is so hot" type of tweets, many fans of the show can’t stop talking about his involvement in and reaction to the incredibly messy "love square" of him, Sydney Paight, Mady McLanahan and Andy Voyen.  

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With all that said, the natural question that comes to mind is who is Isaiah Campbell? Well, we’ve done our research so you wouldn’t have to. Here’s everything we know.  

Where is Love Island USA’s Isaiah Campbell from? 

Isaiah Campbell is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but currently lives in Delray, Florida. While we aren’t 100% sure what a South Dakotan accent sounds like, we certainly didn’t think Isaiah’s was it. 

What is Isaiah Campbell from Love Island USA’s profession?  

Outside of keeping Peacock subscribers entertained as a contestant on the hit series, it appears Isaiah is both a waiter and a model working out of Florida. While we aren’t currently aware of any major brands he’s been linked to as a model, he certainly has the potential to go far in his career if his Instagram is any indication.  

In addition to working in the restaurant and fashion industries, it appears he’s quite the young social media influencer. Take a look at his TikTok and his nearly half a million followers. 

Does Isaiah Campbell from Love Island USA have a girlfriend?  

Probably by design because he’s still on the show, looking through Isaiah’s Instagram, we can’t confirm if he’s currently dating or single. 

What does Isaiah Campbell from Love Island USA look for in a girlfriend?  

For those hoping to get a shot with Isaiah, you should know he’s looking for a "family-oriented" girl who is also an "alpha female." Need an example of this type of girl? Well, in his mind an example is The Kardashians Kylie Jenner. He actually wants a relationship like the one between Jenner and rapper Travis Scott.  

Isaiah Campbell fun fact  

Isaiah, Love Island USA season 4

(Image credit: Peacock)

It appears that the young model has a secret passion for cleaning. In light of this news, perhaps he should throw his hat in the ring to be a reimagined version of Mr. Clean, or pitch himself to be the person to make a mess in one of those paper towel commercials. 

Be sure to catch new episodes of Love Island USA season 4 when they air Tuesday through Sunday at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT on Peacock.

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