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The Equalizer Queen Latifah
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It’s finally time for The Equalizer season 3. All cast members who rounded out the end of season two will be back for season three and we’ll just have to wait to see if they’re any surprises. But who exactly are the cast members of The Equalizer? Let’s find out.

Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall

Queen Latifah in The Equalizer on CBS

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Queen Latifah needs no introduction. She’s an Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe Award-winning actress, Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Emmy Award-winning producer, label president, author and entrepreneur. Viewers know her from films like Girl’s Trip, Set It Off, Hairspray, Taxi, Last Holiday, Barber Shop 2: Back in Business and the TV series Living Single.

In The Equalizer, Queen Latifah takes on the role of Robyn McCall, former CIA agent. Having left the CIA a bit disillusioned, Robyn comes back to her home town New York City to attempt living a normal life with her family. She however unintentionally intervenes in an attempted abduction and finds herself working to prove the innocence of a young girl framed for a murder being investigated by the NYPD.

After solving this crime, Robyn decides to volunteer as the defender of the underdogs that can’t be helped by regular law enforcement. Her new role makes her continue living in the shadows, hiding her true job from her daughter and aunt. A series of traumatic events exposes her but fortunately she was able to salvage her relationship with her daughter, and form new bonds within the NYPD. In season three, viewers are anxious to see where these new bonds take her and which other lives she’ll impact as The Equalizer.

Laya DeLeon Hayles as Delilah 

Laya DeLeon Hayes as Delilah and Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall

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Laya Deleon Hayles is probably best known for voicing the titular role in the BAFTA, Emmy and Peabody Award-nominated animated series, Doc McStuffins. Hayes' additional television credits include Just Add Magic, Liv & Maddie and Raven's Home

As Robyn’s daughter Delilah, Laya plays the role of a Black teenage New Yorker, enjoying life and oblivious to their parent’s world. That all comes to a screeching halt when she witnesses the murder of her friend and classmate. Shortly after this, she discovers her mother’s secret life and has to come to terms with it and help keep it secret. Delilah also struggled with PTSD from the trauma of the shooting, which is compounded by the fear of losing her mother and the stress of keeping secrets from her father. In season three, viewers are watching to see how Delilah works through her fear while keeping her mother’s confidence. Will she ever get her PTSD under control?

Adam Goldberg as Harry Keshegian

Adam Goldberg in The Equalizer

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As Harry Keshegian, hacker extraordinaire and fugitive, Adam is the brains of the justice driven pack. As someone who is on the run from law enforcement for releasing classified information, he has the unique skill sets required to find information that local law enforcement can’t. Being unbound by the same rules gives him the freedom to skirt and ignore the law to help Robyn get justice for her clients. 

After being caught, imprisoned, then released due to a huge favor from Robyn’s now deceased mentor, Bishop, Harry has a new lease on life. He has the best of both worlds - free to move about as a regular citizen while still hacking his way through systems to help underdogs. In season three, fans expect the very best from Harry as he not only works to save Robyn, but also help ensure she never gets that close to danger again. 

Liza Lapira as Melody Bayani

Liza Lapira as Melody Bayani in The Equalizer

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Liza Lapira is a film, television and theater actress. Fans will remember her from her recent TV roles in Nancy Drew and Unbelievable. Her film credits include Fast & Furious, Crazy, Stupid, Love, 21, Paper Year and All I Wish.

In The Equalizer, Liza plays the role of Melody Bayani, affectionately called Mel. She is Robyn’s default bestfriend and the best female marksman in the business. Having worked with Robyn on missions overseas, the two are extraordinarily close and was a natural pick for their de facto avenger team. Additionally, Mel is married to Harry, and considers herself beholden to Robyn for helping her husband escape detection from the federal government for years and his subsequent freedom. Mel is fiercely loyal and protective of Robyn, so in season three, fans look forward to seeing the lengths she will go to keep her best friend safe.

Lorraine Toussaint as Viola Marsette (Aunt Vi) 

Lorraine Toussaint as Viola Marsette in The Equalizer

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Lorraine Toussaint is a SAG Award-winning performer best known for her role in the Academy Award-nominated feature film Selma, and for playing "Vee" in the television series Orange is the New Black. In The Equalizer, Lorraine takes on the motherly role of Viola Marsette, affectionately called Aunt Vi.

Aunt Vi is the matriarch of the family, providing much needed stability for Delilah due to the erratic work schedule that Robyn keeps. She’s an artist with a wicked sense of humor and a stern hand when needed for both Robyn and Delilah. She is the voice of reason who reminds Robyn what’s at stake and who's really important, while bridging the gap between her and her daughter Delilah as she navigates teenage life.

Tory Kittles as Dante Marcus

Tory Kittles as Dante Marcus in The Equalizer

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Tory Kittles is best known for his television roles in the drama series True Detective, Colony and Sons of Anarchy. His film credits include Stop-Loss, The Sapphires, Steel Magnolias and Man Down

In The Equalizer, Tory is the tough and charming Detective Dante Marcus. Detective Marcus is the quintessential police officer, by the book with no shades of gray. This leads to many run-ins with Robyn as they both try to solve cases. His ingrained sense of following the rules, partly honed for his disdain for his father who is a disgraced and incarcerated ex-cop, causes Detective Marcus to butt heads with Robyn and even tries to arrest her. After getting to know her, and her saving his life twice and catching the person responsible for his partner’s murder, Detective Marcus resigns himself to teaming up with Robyn to fight crime and injustice.

Interestingly, there seems to be some sparks between them as both flirt with each other while helping their city. Fans can’t wait to see what becomes of this chemistry in season three.

For more of the exciting cast of The Equalizer, watch season three starting October 2 on CBS and streaming on Paramount Plus. 

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