Meet the Luther: The Fallen Sun cast: who's who in the Netflix movie

Idris Elba in Luther: The Fallen Sun
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Luther: The Fallen Sun is a continuation of the hit BBC crime drama which is now on Netflix

Described by the streaming service as "an epic continuation of the award-winning television sage", this new feature-length chapter sees John Luther (Idris Elba) confronting a foe from his past who has started taunting Luther whilst he's behind bars.

Fans of the show will know John Luther is willing to do anything in order to bring down the series' twisted killers, and this time around he commits to breaking out of prison in order to hunt this new foe down... which draws the ire of another detective who's determined to arrest him all over again. 

Read on to find out a little bit more about which stars make up the Luther: The Fallen Sun cast and the characters they'll be playing onscreen.

Luther: The Fallen Sun cast — Idris Elba as John Luther

John Luther (Idris Elba) in an alleyway in Luther: The Fallen Sun

(Image credit: John Wilson/Netflix)

You can't have more Luther without the main man himself, and Idris Elba is back as the now-disgraced former DCI, John Luther, a brilliant, grizzled detective who chases down bad guys by any means necessary.

Having been arrested at the end of Luther's fifth season, he's been put in prison, where he's being tormented by a killer from his past.  Of course, if you've seen the trailer, you know he isn't going to stay locked up, as he's determined to bring this new villain to justice. 

Where else have you seen Idris Elba? Luther is one of Elba's most prominent roles, though you may also know him from his time in The Wire, The Office US, The Suicide Squad, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw and Beast, as well as Heimdall in a number of the Marvel movies.

His name is also regularly thrown around in the discussions for the next James Bond, though the actor has repeatedly said he's not very interested in stepping into 007's shoes.

Andy Serkis as David Robey

David Robey (Andy Serkis) in a gown checking his phone.

(Image credit: John Wilson/Netflix)

John Luther has taken on all manner of ruthless and terrifying foes, and it sounds like David Robey (played by Andy Serkis) will fit in well. Described as "a gruesome serial killer" and a "cyber psychopath", David Robey is an uber-rich tech billionaire who uses surveillance technology to spy on, terrorize and murder civilians that Luther failed to bring to justice at some point in his past. 

Where else have you seen Andy Serkis? Serkis is widely known for his motion capture work. Chiefly, he's remembered for performing as Gollum in The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit and playing Caesar the chimpanzee in the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy and Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars' sequel trilogy.

Cynthia Erivo as Odette Raine

Odette (Cynthia Erivo) in front of several monitors in Luther: The Fallen Sun

(Image credit: John Wilson/Netflix)

Cynthia Erivo is on hand as Odette Raine, a rival detective who has been described as Luther's nemesis. She's determined to put him back behind bars whilst he's on the hunt for David Robey, and it looks like she's got all manner of resources at her disposal to catch him, judging from the trailer.

Where else have you seen Cynthia Erivo? Most recently, Erivo voiced the Blue Fairy in Robert Zemeckis' remake of Pinocchio, though she's also appeared in Needle in a Timestack, Genius, The Outsider, Harriet, Widows and Bad Times at the El Royale. She's also due to appear in the upcoming two-part movie adaptation of Wicked.

Dermot Crowley as Martin Schenk

Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley) in a blue shirt and tie in Luther: The Fallen Sun

(Image credit: John Wilson/Netflix)

Dermot Crowley is reprising his role as Martin Schenk. He's the DSU (Detective Superintendent) who recruited Luther for his Serious and Serial Crime Unit back in the second season of the show.

Where else have you seen Dermot Crowley? Crowley's turn as Schenk is one of his more well-known roles, though he's also appeared in Pennyworth, The Suspect, Liar, The Death of Stalin, and The Foreigner.

Who else features in the Luther movie?

Additional casting for Luther: The Fallen Sun includes: 

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