Tell Me Everything: release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything we know

Tell Me Everything is new to ITVX
Angst-filled drama about a group of teens growing up under the glare of social media. (Image credit: ITVX)

Tell Me Everything follows in the footsteps of coming-of-age dramas like Stranger Things, Gossip Girl, and Dawson's Creek

But as social media continues to grow in influence, navigating the murky waters of adolescence has never been tougher, as a group of British teens discovers in the six-part drama. 

Here's everything we know...

Tell Me Everything release date

Tell Me Everything is one of many brand-new shows on ITVX, the channel's brand-new streaming service. All six episodes will be available on ITVX from Thursday, December 8.

Tell Me Everything: What's the plot?

Eden H Davies plays Jonny in Tell Me Everything

Jonny struggles following the death of his father. (Image credit: ITVX)

The life and soul of any party, Jonny Murphy lives with his family above a pub in Welwyn Garden City, the small town that looks perfect on the outside while hiding secrets below the surface, something Jonny can relate to. Jonny struggles with his mental health — he's spent the entire summer holidays depressed in his bedroom — but rather than confide in best friends Neve and Louis, he scrolls online forums for support.

As the series begins, Jonny's embarking on his first term at sixth-form college, determined to enjoy life. But his world is turned upside down when his dad dies suddenly... 

Who's in it?

Our main protagonist Jonny Murphy is played by newcomer Eden H Davies. 

"Jonny’s just a normal teenage boy, who is clever, intelligent, funny, who likes getting drunk and who's in the process of finding himself when his dad dies and he falls to pieces," explains Eden H Davies. 

"There have been times in my life where I could have spiraled like Jonny but I've had people around me. Jonny's trying to discover who he is completely on his own so, when this person who was his pillar of support gets taken away from him, he has no one to fall back on. And that's why he falls so hard."

Tell Me Everything: Is anyone there for Jonny?

Things start to look up for Jonny when he meets new girl Mei, played by Callina Liang. She's also lost a parent and the pair soon bond over their carefree attitude to life. But Mei's got secrets of her own and, as Jonny’s depression and anxiety intensifies, those around him warn that Mei spells trouble...

"Mei's a very interesting character who makes some interesting decisions and we learn she's not all she seems," says Callina. "Mei's definitely going through her own trauma and is trying to find her place in the world, she just goes about things in a different way. I've grown to love her… even though she's not that loveable."

Callina Liang plays Mei in Tell Me Everything

Mei and Jonny bond, but she has her own secrets (Image credit: ITVX)

Tell Me Everything: Who else stars?

Boiling Point star Lauryn Ajufo and Sweetheart actor Spike Fearn play Jonny's best friends Neve and Louis, respectively. Also starring Ackley Bridge's Carla Woodcock as 'It Girl' Zia and newcomer Tessa Lucille as her best friend Regan.

Is it like anything we've seen before? 

Packed with laughs, drama, and plenty of teen angst, Tell Me Everything fills the void left by shows like Derry Girls and Skins, according to star Eden.

"I think we're missing a serious, teen drama that’s fundamentally British," he says. "Mental health in young men is such an important issue and this show doesn't shy away from that. It's raw, honest and captures the teenage experience, without trying to force it, which is really special."

Is there a trailer?

Yep, here it is...

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