Meet the Narvik cast: Who's who in the Netflix war drama

Carl Martin Eggesbø in his soldier's uniform as Gunnar Tofte in Narvik
Narvik tells a small-scale story set during the German occupation of Narvik, in Norway. (Image credit: Netflix)

Who's in the Narvik cast? Here's our breakdown of the stars that appear in the war film that's now available on Netflix.

Narvik: Hitler's First Defeat is a historical Norweigan war drama directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg (Insomnia, Prozac Nation). In it, all eyes are turned on the titular small town in Norway which was the source of iron ore for Hitler's war machinery.

Set against the backdrop of the invasion of neutral Norway, the German occupation of Narvik and a World War Two battle that is regarded as "Hitler's First Defeat" (hence the subtitle), Narvik tells the story of a Norweigan soldier who returns home. There, he uncovers a shocking truth about his wife. 

Fellow foreign-language war drama All Quiet On The Western Front has performed incredibly well on the awards front — it was recently nominated for 14 Baftas and has been recognized with multiple 2023 Oscar nominations — so we've put together this guide to the Narvik cast if you're looking to stay immersed in historical dramas. 

Who's in the Narvik cast? Kristine Hartgen as Ingrid Tofte 

Kristine Hartgen plays Ingrid Tofte, a woman who works at a hotel in the town of Narvik. She finds herself forced to work with the occupying forces as a translator, as she speaks German, English and Norweigan.

What else has Kristine Hartgen been in? Kristine has also starred in Beforeigners, Catch and Release, and The 12th Man. 

Carl Martin Eggesbø as Gunnar Tofte

Carl Martin Eggesbø plays Gunnar. He's Ingrid's husband and a member of the Norweigan neutrality guard who is captured by the German forces and becomes a prisoner of war.

What else has Carl Martin Eggesbø been in? Carl Martin Eggesbø has also featured in Skam, Orps Betrayed, and Mio min Mio, among other roles.

Stig Henrik Hoff as Aslak Tofte

Stig Henrik Hoff plays Gunnar's father, Aslak, who helps care for Gunnar's son whilst he's away.

What else has Stig Henrik Hoff been in? Stig has featured in Beforeigners, Elven, Lilyhammer, Cross of Honour and Burnt by Frost. He's arguably best known for his part in the 2011 version of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Christophe Gelfert Mathiesen as Ole Tofte

Christoph Gelfert Mathiesen plays Gunnar and Ingrid's son, Ole Tofte.

Narvik is Christoph's first major credit. 

Henrik Mestad as Major Sigurd Omdal

Henrik Mestad plays Major Sigurd Omdal, leader of the forces resisting occupation.

What else has Henrik Mestad been in? Aside from Narvik, Henrik has also appeared in Hvite gutter, Norsemen, Okkupert, Conspiracy of Silence, Lilyhammer, Sons, and Vestavind, among others.

Christoph Bach as Konsul Fritz Wussow

Christoph Bach plays Konsul Fritz, a German who keeps Ingrid at the hotel to translate for him. 

What else has Christoph Bach been in? Christoph has also appeared in Carlos the Jackal, World on Fire, The Saboteurs, Polder, Detroit, Risending, Wilsberg and Allmen, among many other projects. 

Who else is in the Narvik cast?

Below you'll find the names of the other members of the main Narvik cast: 

  • Mathile Holtedahl Cuhra as Bjørg
  • Holger Handtke as Generalleutnant Eduard Dietl
  • Magnus Dugdale as Giles Romilly
  • Emil Johnsen as Ordfører Theodor Broch
  • Isak Bakli Aglen as Korporal Larsen
  • Kari Bremnes as Polly
  • Ollie Campbell as Konsul George L.D. Gibbs
  • Benjamin Noble as Sub-lieutenant Patrick Dalzel-Job

Narvik is now streaming on Netflix.

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