'Selling Sunset' season 3 recap — storylines, heartbreaks and romances

The Oppenheim Group on 'Selling Sunset'
The Oppenheim Group and cast of 'Selling Sunset' season 3 (Image credit: Netflix)

Selling Sunset season 4 is bringing the glitz and glamour of the real estate world back to our screens once again. Set against the iconic backdrop of the Hollywood Hills, the Netflix show is jam-packed full of drama, gossip, and scandals from the ever so stylish team at The Oppenheim Group.

If you need a refresher before season 4 starts on Wednesday, Nov. 24, we've got you. Here's a look back on everything that went down in season 3 of Selling Sunset...

Main storylines of 'Selling Sunset’ season 3

Season 3 saw Mary Fitzgerald and her new husband Romain Bonnet’s relationship really develop — after their much-anticipated wedding in season 2. 

There was more romantic happiness in store for the real estate team — particularly for Christine Quinn who started planning her extravagant wedding to Christian Richard. The juicy build-up to Christine's nuptials, throughout season 3, had fans desperate to see the event at the end. 

We also saw a fair share of struggles and heartbreak. Amanza Smith had ongoing custody problems with her two children and a marital bombshell was dropped on Chrishell Stause. Her husband, actor Justin Hartley (This Is Us, Smallville), filed for divorce — leaving Chrishell devastated.

The feuds...

There’s always plenty of scandals and mishaps for the glamorous Oppenheim team to live through, but let’s flashback to some of the main dramas the girls went through in season 3...

In the first episode, Amanza, Chrishell and Mary talk about the dramatic events that happened previously in season 2 — particularly the time when Christine apologized to Mary for her behavior before Mary’s wedding. But, Mary and Christine’s friendship ends up on the rocks again when Amanza and Chrishell reveal more of Christine’s backstabbing attitude. They told her that Christine was mimicking her and had insulted her, which left Mary heartbroken. 

When Amanza confronted Christine about it at her birthday party, things got heated and Mary shut the argument down before it could get worse. Later on in the series, they managed to patch things up over coffee, but things turned sour once again between Christine and Amanza when Christine told Mary that she was driving a wedge between their friendship.

Christine clashed with co-listing agent Monika on how they should try and sell a property. In classic Christine fashion, she went against Monika’s suggestions and held a “Botox and Burgers” twilight event as part of her broker’s open. Fortunately, as is usually the way things turn out for Christine, it turned out to be a huge success.

Christine Quinn

Fiery Christine finds herself in the midst of a lot of drama (Image credit: Netflix)

Davina Potratz recruited Christine to help her try and sell the $75 million house that the Oppenheim brothers were very hesitant to take on. A determined Davina took on the listing but struggled to sell it. 

More drama surfaced between the co-workers as Christine showed her fiancé Christian Richard around the property without Davina knowing — which made it very awkward for Davina when the owner asked her about it. The owner was unimpressed with what he saw as Davina’s unprofessionalism and had second thoughts on whether she was capable of selling his property.

At Brett Oppenheim’s housewarming party, his brother (and co-founder of The Oppenheimer Group) Jason was adamant Davina should walk away from the listing. Things went downhill from there, between the pair, leading to Davina leaving the party.

The company hit a huge milestone as Jason announced that he sold a $44 million house — the biggest sale in the history of the Oppenheim Group — at the company’s Thanksgiving party.

Davina Potratz and Christine Quinn

Davina Potratz enlists Christine to help her sell the huge multi-million dollar listing. (Image credit: Netflix)

The heartbreaks...

Of course, the girls in the series have had their fair share of heartbreaks.

Shockwaves went through the office when the team discovered — via an online story — that Chrishell’s husband, Justin Hartley, had filed for divorce, leaving her heartbroken and blindsided. To make it worse, Chrishell revealed that Justin had just texted her to tell her that he had filed for divorce out-of-the-blue. After Chrishell’s unexpected divorce, she took some time off to visit her older sister in St. Louis and recalibrate. They reminisced about their childhood and how they'd grown up very poor — a world away from the lifestyle Crishell was living now. 

Amanza found herself in a hard situation as she struggled to balance her tough work schedule and time with her children — as she fought to win custody of them from her ex-husband. There was finally some good news for her though, when she managed to sell her first $2 million listing.

Chrishell Stause

Chrishell Stause was hesitant to attend Christine Quinn's wedding after her recent heartbreak.  (Image credit: Netflix)

More feuds...

The girls were hurt when Jason gave Mary yet another big property listing and they accused Jason of favoritism — because he and Mary dated for a year. Mary was furious with them and was adamant that she deserved the listing for being a hard worker. Unhappy with the favoritism, Maya Vander contemplated leaving the brokerage.  

At Maya’s listing, she told Jason her plans to get her broker’s license before she has her second baby and asked him if he would consider opening an Oppenheim Group office in Miami that she could run. Maya also revealed that she might reconsider her priorities — and choose to put her marriage and family first.

Heather Young opened up to Christine and Davina about how she was caught off-guard during an Us Weekly interview by a question on how she was supporting Chrishell during her difficult divorce. Christine and Davina teased Heather that she calls up the paparazzi herself and gets publications to write stories about her to get her name out there. Annoyed at them for making fun of her, Heather stormed off.

In the final episode, during Christine’s big wedding, the topic of Heather’s article was brought up. Heather apologized for the article, and Chrishell was understanding. But, at the event, Davina decided to tear into Chrishell about hearing "both sides of the story". Chrishell couldn’t take it anymore and left — tearing off her microphone in the process...

The romances...

The team all had their fair share of romance.

Heather was besotted with her beau Tarek El Moussa and was hopeful he’d propose. 

Maya was three months pregnant with her second child and announced she may be having a little girl.

Mary and Romain’s relationship seemed to be going pretty well after their season 2 wedding even going house-hunting. There was one tricky moment for Mary when she had doubts about whether she could trust Romain — after she found out he lied to her about bringing girls to his room during his bachelor party. 

Mary also contemplated freezing her eggs and told Romain that she was going to visit a fertility doctor. Later in the series, they were ecstatic to hear the news that Mary was still fertile and they could start a family if and when they want to.

Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet.

Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet.  (Image credit: Netflix)

The main event... Christine's wedding

The moment we had all been waiting for arrived as Christine’s Gothic Winter Wonderland-themed wedding got underway. 

Christine got her "enchanting" wedding dream — complete with majestic white swans, huge tree decorations, and guests all dressed in white. 

In the words of Jason Oppenheimer, “I feel like I’m in a Chanel fashion show,”. It's probably the best way to describe the theatrical nature of the million-dollar wedding during which Christine graced the aisle in her sparkly black gown, a blizzard of snow fell, black swans were at the reception party and Christine got her show-stopping “bleeding” strawberry wedding cake.  

OTT...we wouldn't have it any other way.

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard's wedding

Christine Quinn marries her fiancé Christian Richard at her Gothic Winter Wonderland inspired wedding. (Image credit: Netflix)
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