Sleeping Dog cast: who's who in the Netflix thriller

Mike Atlas (Max Riemelt) with his hood up in Sleeping Dog
(Image credit: Anne Wilk/Netflix)

Sleeping Dog is a six-part German crime thriller that's now available to stream on Netflix. 

Written by Christoph Darnstädt, the series follows a former detective and an up-and-coming young prosecutor as they both reinvestigate a previously settled murder case.

Both have their own motive for reopening the case, though it proves to be a bigger problem than they'd expect. Soon, they're both pulled into a conspiracy that could run all the way to the top, leading them deeper into the justice system, or could lead them back to a terror attack that rocked the city a year and a half ago. 

Here are which stars you can expect to appear as part of the Sleeping Dog cast [we also have a Sleeping Dog review].

Sleeping Dog cast: Max Riemelt as Mike Atlas

Mike Atlas (Max Riemelt) roaming the city in the rain at night in Sleeping Dog

(Image credit: Anne Wilk/Netflix)

Max Riemelt leads the cast as Mike Atlas, the former detective who has retreated from his life and career and ends up living on the streets. He was responsible for finding evidence connecting a man called Mussa Basher to the murder of Judge Herres, though he fears this might have been planted. When Mussa takes his own life in prison, Mike is prompted to look back into the case.

Where else have you seen Max Riemelt? Netflix fans will likely recognize Riemelt as Sense8's Wolfgang Bognadow. He's also starred in Freier Fall, Bonn, World on Fire, Berlin Syndrome, Napola and The Wave.

Luise von Finckh as Jule Andergast

Jule Andergast (Luise von Finckh) showing Mike case photographs in Sleeping Dog

(Image credit: Netflix)

Luise von Finckh plays a young prosecutor called Jule Andergast. After messing up a case against a dealer who worked for the Bashers, her boss asks her to write the report on Mussa's death, though she starts to think there's something not right about his death.

Where else have you seen Luise von Finckh? Finckh played Clara Weiss in Vienna Blood and has also appeared in Sam - A Saxon, Bonn, and Blutige Anfänger.

Carlo Ljubek as Luk Zaric

Carlo Ljubek as Luka Zaric in Sleeping Dog

(Image credit: Anne Wilk/Netflix)

Carlo Ljubek plays Luka Zaric, one of Mike Atlas' former colleagues who tries to track down Mike Atlas' whereabouts once he learns he's started looking back into the case, even though he's started to build a connection with Mike's ex...

Where else habve you seen Carlo Ljubek before? Ljubek has also starred in Safe, Luna, Altes Geld, Skylines and Beat.

Melodie Wakivuamina as Britney Adebayo

Melodie Wakivuamina in Sleeping Dog

(Image credit: Netflix)

Melodie plays Britney Adebayo, an inspector who has recently started working with Zaric. 

Where else have you seen Melodie Wakivuamina? She's also appeared in I Am, Deh Lehrer, Domina, The Pools, and Strings Attached. 

Melika Foroutan as Corinna Steck

Melika Foroutan as Corinna Steck in Sleeping Dog

(Image credit: Netflix)

Melika Foroutan plays Corinna Steck, Jule's boss at the District Atttorney's office. 

Where else have you seen Melika Foroutan? Foroutan has also been featured in The Empress, Tribes of Europa, The Winemaker, Pari and Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea, among other projects.

Who else stars in the Sleeping Dog cast?

In addition to the above, Sleeping Dog also stars the following:

  • Peri Baumeister 
  • Antonio Wannek
  • Helgi Schmid
  • Sohel Altan Gol
  • Tina Africah Corrigan

Sleeping Dog is now available to stream on Netflix. And if you're looking for more things to stream, check out our recommendations for the best Netflix shows you should be watching right now.

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