So Help Me Todd season 2 episode 10 recap: Todd and Margaret chase down the Broker

Syklar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden in So Help Me Todd
Syklar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden in So Help Me Todd (Image credit: Michael Courtney/CBS)

As So Help Me Todd season 2 episode 10, the series finale, gets underway, Todd (Skylar Astin) tells Margaret (Marcia Gay Harden) everything about Folding being the Broker as they attend the La Brilliance cosmetic expo. Margaret is there to woo the face of La Brilliance, Reese Walters. Or so she thinks.

The Lee sisters (Joyce Robbins and Jacqueline Robbins), who told Margaret about the opportunity, arrive and clear up the confusion. Margaret's client is actually Eve Parsons, who used to work at La Brilliance. Margaret rushes back to the office to get her things so she can meet Eve at the courthouse.

Read on for the full recap of So Help Me Todd season 2 episode 10, "The Tooth is Out There."

Margaret's last chance to save the firm 

Before going to the law firm, Todd takes Margaret to the 28th floor to figure out who's leasing it. Mail arrives for the Portland Philanthropic Society. The PPS donates to a bunch of charities, including Mouths of Joy, which Todd suspects could be a way to launder money. 

Todd and Margaret go downstairs to the law firm, where there is no staff. Everyone has called in sick in protest. Margaret hasn't paid anyone for their overtime and the staff is fed up. But Margaret can't deal with the situation because she's due in court. 

As Margaret tries to leave, Susan (Inga Schlingmann) stops her to serve her papers. Allison (Madeline Wise) is suing the firm for payment for all cases she gave medical advice on. 

At court Margaret meets Eve, but Eve drops a bomb on Margaret when she says she is suing La Brilliance, because Reese Walters assaulted her and caused permanent nerve damage. Margaret at first refuses the case, but after meeting Jordana Jecko, the woman funding Eve's case, Margaret agrees to represent Eve. Jordana is part of a circle of very powerful and wealthy women-owned businesses, and Jordana tells Margaret all 23 of the businesses in their group will sign with the law firm if Margaret wins Eve’s case, giving Margaret a chance to save the firm.

Who's Diana? 

Margaret drives Lyle (Tristen J. Winger) and Todd to La Brilliance, telling them to sneak in and find some insider info. Lyle and Todd pretend to be a married couple there for an ad campaign photoshoot. While Lyle gets chosen to be the face of the company's new "manscara," Todd butters up a cosmetologist named Lanie Friedbook (Princess Davis). 

When Todd reveals he knows Eve, Lanie asks about Eve and someone called Diana. Todd runs out of the building when Lanie's back is turned but stops on the way to forward the La Brilliance phones to his phone. Margaret picks him up and they drive away.

While driving, Margaret and Todd see a Mouths of Joy dental van, the business PPS funds. But it's not the fancy mobile dental office that was shown on the website. Todd investigates by letting the sketchy dentist examine his teeth, but runs when the would-be dentist pulls out a horrifying drill. The would-be dentist asks for a tip and gives Todd his payment transfer account info. When Todd goes back to the office, Lyle uses that information to find out that Dexter receives money from PPS. 

Lyle and Todd figure out the Broker is hiding money in a Swiss bank account. Lyle calls in a favor from a friend at the NSA, who sends him an image of the person using the Swiss bank account. But the photo is encrypted and won't be visible for 24 hours. 

While this is going on Todd has stuck over a dozen cell phones to the wall to field the calls he had forwarded from La Brilliance. When Judy (Heather Elizabeth-Morris) pops in she answers a phone that has someone speaking Portuguese on the other end. Judy, of course, speaks Portuguese. She tells Todd the person is mad because the check is late. The check is reimbursement for Diana.

The trial

Mark Moses and Marcia Gay Harden in So Help Me Todd

Mark Moses and Marcia Gay Harden in So Help Me Todd (Image credit: Michael Courtney/CBS)

When Margaret goes to court, Gus (Jeffrey Nordling) lets her know the other side has hired her ex-husband Harry (Mark Moses) as an expert. Harry still wants to get back together with Margaret and tries to talk to her, but Margaret won't talk to him.

But when Harry wants to meet with Margaret about the case she meets with him. He offers her a memo about the case he found, but Margaret refuses to take it, not wanting to jeopardize the case. Harry yells the name of a medical condition to her as she's driving away.

Margaret then goes to Allison to ask about the syndrome, but Allison won't tell her because she's not working for free anymore. They argue, and finally Allison tells her that the syndrome is a complication seen in burn victims. Whoever Diana is, she is getting payments from La Brilliance for something related to burns.

Back in court, Margaret calls Lanie Friedbook to the stand. She asks Lanie who Diana is? Lanie tries to avoid telling the truth, but finally admits Diana was a cosmetologist who worked at La Brilliance. Reese Walters threw hot coffee at Diana, but it landed on her infant daughter and caused severe burns. 

Eve wins the case, Margaret signs all 23 of the businesses promised by Jordana, and Margaret thinks she’s saved the firm. But they still need to find out who the Broker is?

The Broker

When the photo is finally visible, it's Margaret's passport photo. Folding has been laundering money from the firm and setting up Margaret to take the fall. Margaret and Todd start their most important investigation — figuring out how to take Folding down before Margaret gets all the blame. While they are planning, Beverly (Leslie Silva) pops in and says Merritt Folding is in the elevator on his way up.

Unfortunately, that's the end of So Help Me Todd. Fans won’t get to see how Margaret and Todd save Margaret's reputation and the firm, while also proving Merritt Folding is the criminal. The show was canceled at CBS. Unless a streamer or another network picks it up this cliffhanger will never get resolved.

You can watch all episodes of So Help Me Todd on Paramount Plus.

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