Station 19: season 5 ending explained

Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera on Station 19 season 5 finale
Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera on Station 19 season 5 finale (Image credit: ABC/Liliane Lathan)

It was a busy ride with Station 19 season 5. Season 4 left viewers with some big questions about Maya’s status as the firehouse chief, Dean and Vic’s will they or won’t they relationship, Andy and Robert’s doomed marriage and Travis and Emmett’s exploration of their feelings. 

In true Shonda Rhimes fashion, the writers took us on a wild ride of surprises and emotions. We still aren’t over Dean’s ultimate fate on the show and can’t believe that former Chief Dixon is running for mayor. 

So after a season of twists and turns, what happened in the Station 19 season 5 finale? Warning SPOILERS AHEAD.

Station 19 season 5 ending — explained 

Andy Herrera: Over the past few episodes, Andy has been dealing with the legal ramifications of defending herself against an attack from fellow firefighter Jeremy. In the finale, she works with her attorney in trying to locate other survivors of Jeremy’s previous assaults. Through her detective work on social media, Andy manages to track down a barista in a coffee shop that once went to college with him. 

Initially, the barista is unwilling to discuss what happened to her with Andy. However, after some convincing from the firefighter, the other woman opens up about her attack and eventually agrees to recount her story with the district attorney prosecuting Andy on murder charges. 

With another witness able to attest to the kind of man Jeremy was, the charges against Andy were dropped. Additionally, Fire Chief Natasha Ross informs her that if Andy would like to come back to Station 19 officially, there was a lieutenant spot opening up as someone quit. 

Jack Gibson: The person who quit turned out to be Jack Gibson. He is clearly bothered in the finale due to the eye-opening trip he took to meet with his biological family. While Jack didn’t share much to explain why he stepped down from his lieutenant position, he seemingly was confident in his decision as the season finale ended with him speeding off in his truck. 

Maya Bishop and Carina DeLuca: Viewers were reminded in the latest episode that Carina was not a permanent resident of the US. She and Maya found themselves in front of an immigration officer, answering questions about their relationship. Although Maya often interrupts Carina and Carina often overshares, the two were able to convince immigration that their love is real. The good doctor was granted her Green Card. 

In other Maya news, she is still upset about not being reinstated to her role as captain of Station 19. She attempts a "power move" by confronting Chief Ross and Robert, saying she knows they are involved with one another. Maya states she will make that fact public information unless she is given her job back. After the gauntlet is thrown down, no more words are exchanged between the three. 

Boris Kodjoe as Robert Sullivan and Merle Dandridge as Natasha Ross talking in Station 19

Boris Kodjoe and Merle Dandridge in Station 19 (Image credit: ABC/Raymond Liu)

Robert Sullivan and Chief Natasha Ross:  These two appear to be the classic model of forbidden love. They fell in love long before Robert got married to his first wife, which they discuss while in bed together. Although they thought they were being careful to hide the fact that Chief Ross was involved with her subordinate, Maya calls them out. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time in the hour finale to see if their love could stand the test of blackmail. 

Sean Beckett: Even if Chief Ross wanted to give in to Maya’s scheme, there is already a captain in charge of the unit, Sean Beckett. While he finally acknowledges that he has a drinking problem and informs Robert he plans to seek treatment in rehab, he hasn’t said he’s leaving his job. 

Travis Montgomery: Travis spends the last episode of the season pretty much venting about how disgusted he is that former Seattle Fire Chief Michael Dixon is running for mayor of the city. He is so outraged he informs Chief Ross of his plans to run against Dixon and his problematic views. It’s yet to be seen if Travis will run for mayor on his own beliefs or if he’ll do what his colleagues suggested and run as a conservative opponent in an attempt to steal conservative votes from Dixon. 

What might happen in Station 19 season 6?

It’s pretty clear that the writers are gearing up for Travis to run for mayor of Seattle. What will be interesting to see is if he’s able to balance a rigorous campaign with his duties at the station. 

Given Chief Ross’ stoic reaction to Maya’s threat, we don’t think Maya will be made captain of Station 19 any time soon. The chief doesn’t strike us as the kind to back down. It looks like she’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place, between the man she adores and the job she loves. On a side note, with Andy probably going to accept the lieutenant position at Station 19, are the show’s producers setting up an awkward love triangle between Chief Ross, Robert and Andy. (We certainly don’t envy Robert having to work for his girlfriend while working with his ex-wife.)

Then there’s Jack. He just sped off to places unknown, so next season may see him go on a journey of self-discovery. If he were on Grey’s Anatomy, we could say he was going on an obligatory camping trip. 

Also, we’re going to throw this out there. Could Vic be pregnant? She seemed uncharacteristically emotional in the finale. Even her teammates made note of her rather expressive behavior. 

While we wait to see what happens in Station 19 season 6, rewatch some of your favorite moments from season 5 over on Hulu.  

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