'We have so much fun!' Beverley Callard and Jordan North on their new series 'Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding'

Beverley Callard and Jordan North team up for Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding
Beverley Callard and Jordan North on their new ITV series. (Image credit: ITV)

Beverley Callard and Jordan North are teaming up for Beverley & Jordan: Destination Wedding, a brand new series on ITV.

Actor and Coronation Street legend, Beverley, and Radio 1 DJ,  Jordan, became firm pals when they were both campmates in last year’s I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Now, the two of them will be travelling over 900 miles on a fun road trip through Spain where the trip will culminate in Beverley renewing her wedding vows to her husband, Jon McEwan. 

We spoke to Beverley and Jordan to get the wedding gossip, hear more about their Spanish adventure and the surprises and challenges in store...

Did you ever imagine the two of you would become such great mates?

Jordan: As soon as we met on I’m A Celebrity we just clicked. That only ever happens a few times in your life.

Beverley: I’d never met Jordan before then and the production team kept saying, ‘Oh sorry, another delay. Jordan is being sick.’ I was like, ‘Who the hell is this diva on top of the cliff who is holding everything up?’ Then eventually Jordan managed to get down the cliff and our eyes met. He’s got the warmest, dancing eyes and we just clicked instantly. 

Beverley Callard and Jordan North

Beverley Callard and Jordan North became great mates on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' (Image credit: ITV)

Tell us about this new series and how the idea came about?

Beverley: After I’m A Celebrity, ITV said they loved the relationship between us and wanted us to do something together. We talked about ideas and I mentioned that my husband Jon and I had been planning to renew our wedding vows last year in Spain for our ten year anniversary, but that Covid put paid to that. In a big coincidence Jordan’s parents live ten minutes from my place in Spain in Mojacar. Two weeks after the meeting we got an email with the idea for Destination Wedding, with Jordan in charge of organising the wedding!

So what will you be getting up to?

Jordan: We travel all the way from the top of Spain to the bottom, visiting places along the way and then Beverley and Jon renew their vows at the end. It was over 900 miles, the two of us in the car together. 

Beverley: Jordan had this idea that we’d choose the wine for the vow renewal in one area, the cake in another, the dress in another. And I really wanted a paella for the ceremony so we visited Valencia, the home of paella. 

Jordan: Yes, that was one of the highlights for me. We learnt how to make proper authentic paella from a lovely guy called Miguel and his family. It was such a special day. 

And you let Jordan help pick your wedding dress Bev? 

Beverley: Yes. We had no idea beforehand but a true, traditional Spanish wedding dress is black. Jordan chose this dress for me to try on and I looked like Morticia from the Addams family! I said to him, ‘If I’m trying on traditional outfits, you’ve got to try a Matador outfit’ so he did and absolutely loved it. He wanted to keep it. 

Jordan: Yes, I was very into that outfit! 

What was it like spending so much time together? 

Jordan: We talked for hours and hours, we laughed, we had DMCs - deep and meaningful conversations, we really poured our hearts out, but best of all, we had such a good laugh.

Beverley: The show is supposed to be five episodes but the producer told me they were thinking of adding a sixth with just the two of us gabbing in the car because it was so funny! 

Beverley  tweeted a picture of herself with her husband Jon at the recent  National TV Awards 

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Would you like to do another trip together and where would you go? 

Jordan: I’d love to, purely to see which random places Beverley will get recognised in. You forget that Coronation Street goes out across the world. We were filming in Madrid, our director said, ‘Action’ and two Spanish women started shouting, ‘Liz, Liz!’ (Beverley played Liz McDonald in Corrie). Later we were in the middle of the mountains in Rioja with a wine-tasting expert and he was so starstruck by Beverley, he  got all flustered. He told us his first wife was from Glasgow and he used to watch Corrie to help him learn English. He couldn’t believe he was there with Bev! 

Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding starts on Wednesday 20 October on ITV.

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