Who is Beetle on The Masked Singer US?

Beetle performs on The Masked Singer US
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Beetle had a short run on The Masked Singer US. He entered the competition on Muppets Night with fellow newcomers, the Lambs, who went head to head with last week’s champion Robo Girl. After Beetle and Robo Girl were unmasked, the Lambs moved on to next week’s show. 

Let’s find out who was behind the Beetle mask on The Masked Singer US. 

Who is Beetle on The Masked Singer US? 

After earning the fewest number of votes on Muppets Night, Beetle was the first contestant to be unmasked. Beetle was none other than former talk show host and former mayor of Cincinnati, Jerry Springer. 

Who is Beetle on The Masked Singer? Song picks

Beetle performed “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. 

Who is Beetle on The Masked Singer US? Show clues

After revealing that his weakness was bug spray (logically, because he is a bug), Beetle revealed that he "hangs with spies."

Here’s his clue package: "Just like the Muppets, my life has been anything but normal. I was born in a land far away, and all my family ever wanted was to chase the American dream. Like the good beetle I am, I got involved in public service. Then my life took a dramatic turn. When I quickly became a household name, breaking records in my field. But despite my best efforts, my work has been called some of the worst of all time. But I never let it give me the blues, brother. Because I’ve seen my name in lights on London’s West End and appeared in one of the biggest films of the 90s. Yes sir, I’ve got that X factor. And not to spill the beans, but here’s one final thought: You’ve definitely heard my voice before and you’ve probably even yelled my name at your TV."

Who is Beetle on The Masked Singer US? Theories

The Masked Singer fans were divided on Beetle’s identity. Here are some of their guesses: 

Judges Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Robin Thicke got Beetle’s identity right. They correctly guessed Jerry Springer while Nicole Scherzinger guessed Rowan Atkinson and Ken Jeong went with Mike Myers. Guest judge Miss Piggy thought it might be John Larroquette.

The Masked Singer US airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox. 

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