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The Masked Singer US season 8: release date and everything we know

The Prince performs on The Masked Singer season 7
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The beloved Fox mystery singing competition, The Masked Singer, is back for its eighth season. Unlike other singing competitions, The Masked Singer sets itself apart with celebrity guests hidden in some of the most outlandish and unique costumes you’ve ever seen.

With their identities hidden, it’s up for fans and the judges to determine who is inside. Votes are tallied each week as to who continues and who is voted off the show. The low vote getter then has their identity revealed. 

Here’s what we know about The Masked Singer season 8.  

When is The Masked Singer season 8 release date? 

The Masked Singer returns for season 8 on Wednesday, September 21, at 8 pm ET/PT. It serves as the lead-in show for Lego Masters, which airs at 9 pm ET/PT. 

Who is in The Masked Singer season 8 cast? 

Who’s in The Masked Singer season 8? Well, that’s the big question to which there are no answers, yet. Somehow, after all of these seasons, the show has managed to keep the stars a secret (save for the Rudy Giuliani leak). It’s actually pretty amazing when you think about it. 

We never know who the cast is in advance and we don’t know who they are once the show airs until the moment of their unmasking. 

The closest we get to figuring out which celebrity is in each costume comes when their performance is so spectacular that the judges are able to connect the voice to the correct person. But those moments are relatively few and far between. 

In short, we have no idea who will be in The Masked Singer season 8 cast and that’s how we like it. Bring on the surprises! 

The Masked Singer season 8 costumes

Just as we don't know which celebrities will appear in season 8, we won't know anything about the new costumes until the show returns. It's always fun to see what the show's talented costume designers come up with. 

From common costumes like Poodle and Hippo to the more unique options like Banana and Ice Cream, they've done it all. (Who can forget Thingamajig, right?)

We're sure that the costume team has even bigger costumes in mind for season 8. The sky's the limit, right? (Come to think of it, have they done "the Sky" yet?)

Who are The Masked Singer season 8 judges and host? 

Deadline (opens in new tab)reported in May that the familiar team of judges will return for The Masked Singer season 8. That includes Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong. Nick Cannon is expected to return as the host.  

As with previous seasons, fans can expect to see lots of surprise guest judges throughout the season as well. 

Is there a trailer for The Masked Singer season 8? 

No trailer is available yet for The Masked Singer season 8, but you can expect to see lots of teasers in the coming weeks as we get closer to the premiere. We’ll be sure to add the trailer when it’s available. 

The same Deadline article that confirmed the judges' return indicated that production on the show's eighth season was already underway.

Who won The Masked Singer season 7?

Fans were ecstatic when the mysterious Firefly was the last singer to be unmasked in season 7. Firefly ended up being none other than singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor, who dazzled the judges and the audience with her beautiful voice. 

During her victory speech, Taylor talked about the experience and what it meant to her. 

"It feels so good to win this and it’s crazy because I was so passionate from day one, I think it’s because of my journey in music and me being skeptical about coming out of retirement and doing it," Taylor said.

She also appreciated the ability to return to the stage without "politics or judgement."

How to watch The Masked Singer season 8

The Masked Singer airs on Fox, which is included with most cable providers. If you’ve cut the cord, you can access the channel through live TV providers like FuboTV, Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV

Past seasons of The Masked Singer are available to stream on Hulu, as will the latest episodes of The Masked Singer season 8.

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