Who are the Mummies on The Masked Singer US?

The Mummies perform on The Masked Singer
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It was TV Theme night on The Masked Singer season 8. For the first time all season, a trio of Mummies stepped out to perform with fellow newcomer Fortune Teller, but they were no match for Harp. After winning the first three weeks of competition and cementing her reign as the Queen of The Masked Singer, Harp now moves on to the semi-final round in a couple of weeks. 

The judges had fun trying to guess the identities of this talented trio of Mummies, who clearly had familiarity with each other and knew how to perform as a group.

So who are the Mummies? Read on for all the details. 

Who are the Mummies on The Masked Singer US? 

The Mummies were revealed to be the Brady Bunch brothers: Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) and Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady).

The stars of the beloved sitcom that aired from 1969 to 1974 and inspired several spinoffs, reboots and cameo appearances were familiar with performing in front of live audiences; after all, the Brady family dabbled in music, a la The Partridge Family, at the height of their popularity.

Williams revealed to Variety that he was more than just upset at being sent home so quickly. "I wasn’t upset about being eliminated, I was more, like, devastated. I was numb… I thought for sure we’d at least be going head-to-head at the end. It was like somebody hit me in the stomach with a baseball bat!"

It turns out that the trio of TV brothers had other songs planned and hoped to continue deeper into the competition, but the show’s new format with one winner who advances to the next episode hindered their plans. 

Who are the Mummies on The Masked Singer US? Song pick 

In honor of TV Theme night, the Mummies performed the "Theme from The Monkees" by The Monkees. 

Who are the Mummies on The Masked Singer US? Show clues 

During the clue package, the Mummies revealed that they like "eternal summer" and the clue was "Lucky #5."

Tori Spelling made a cameo appearance to reveal the biggest clue: "Blended Barry Brothers Smoothie Packets," to which the Mummies added that "it’s good for the soul. Refreshing. And the smoothies are pretty good, too."

Here’s the package voiceover: "Hey you, turn up the volume on that TV. We’re coming to you live and in living color. Now sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of how it all came to be. You watched us grow up; we may even make you feel like we’re your family. They say sibling bonds are the strongest, right? You’re totally right. We learned a lot from each other. And we probably taught you a few life lessons as well. And although we’ve been off the grid for a while, it’s what we’re most famous for. Tonight, it feels so good to get the Mummy fam back together for another reunion. So, whatever you do, don’t change that channel."

Who are the Mummies on The Masked Singer US? Theories 

Fans weighed in on the Mummies' identities.

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Since there were three Mummies, the judges had a variety of guesses that ranged from TV brothers to members of the same TV show. Since Tori Spelling made an appearance, one guess was for the 90210 cast. Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg picked the brothers from Home Improvement, Ken Jeong thought it could be a trio of Lawrence brothers: Joey, Matthew and Martin (who isn’t actually related to the other two). Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke both agreed it was the Brady Bunch brothers. 

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