Who is Don Morris on Bling Empire?

Mimi and Don Morris at their anniversary party on Bling Empire season 2
Mimi and Don Morris at their anniversary party on Bling Empire season 2 (Image credit: Netflix)

One thing Bling Empire knows how to do is cause a stir on social media. If Twitter and Instagram users aren’t commenting about the lavish parties, the expensive jewelry or the insanely bold fashion choices, they are talking about which stars from the series they are annoyed by or in love with the most. 

As we previously discussed, Kane Lim certainly didn’t come out of the season as the people’s champ, while Anna Shay continued her reign as the fan-favorite. Although Anna again captured the heart of viewers, this year a new cast member debuted that seemed to rival her charming bluntness — Don Morris.

Who is Don Morris on Bling Empire?  

Let’s talk about Don Morris. The audience meets him in the premiere episode of season 2 at the exquisite anniversary party for him and his wife Mimi. We initially didn’t pay too close attention to him because there were other dynamics at play among the original cast members. However, he drew viewers in with subsequent episodes and with good reasons. 

One thing in particular that lured us into Don’s orbit has to be the unfiltered yet charming way he speaks to people. In many of the scenes we see him in, he’s tossing out expletives as if he has a quota to meet and he’s usually doing it while disagreeing with his wife about her need for him to sit when he pees. Which he ultimately agrees to do after he introduces the most bejeweled toilet we’ve ever seen. 

Speaking of the blinged-out toilet, we imagine the original frame for the toilet wasn’t that hard to come by given Don’s line of work. Before you ask, he’s not a plumber. Instead, he is the CEO of Morris Group International, a company that has 28 divisions and partnerships in over 27 locations worldwide. Of those 28 divisions and partnerships, more than one happens to specialize in plumbing-related manufacturing. 

But back to his overall company. Morris Group International earned an estimated revenue of nearly $350 million according to Rocket Reach. Also, on a bit more of a taboo note, The Cinemaholic estimates his personal net worth hovers around $800 million. We’d say Don is doing quite well for himself with this family-run business (three of his children are currently working for the company Don’s father started in 1945). 

Now while we won’t go too deep in the weeds as it pertains to Don’s personal life, we will say he’s been happily married to Mimi for 10 years, although the two have been together for 20. She even made light of the fact that the two got hitched at Don’s insistence. Additionally, the couple share one child together, an 8-year-old son Skyler. 

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By the way, rewatch some of your favorite episodes from Bling Empire season 2 on Netflix. If what cast member Dorothy Wang told Page Six is true, you’ll want to be fully reminded of all the current drama heading into season 3.  

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