Betrayed! Holby's Camilla Arfwedson: 'Zosia dumps Ollie when she learns he reported her'

When Ollie fails to support Zosia when she needs him the most in Tuesday's Holby City, she decides their relationship is over, star Camilla Arfwedson reveals…

Zosia has been struggling to keep her bipolar disorder under control as she deals with the fact her friend and fellow medic, Arthur Digby, is battling cancer. Is she concerned for her own mental health?

“What really scares Zosia is that Arthur's illness could trigger her to have a bipolar episode. She's worried that when she really acknowledges what's happening to Arthur, the floodgates will open and she'll spiral out of control."

Zosia fell out with boyfriend Ollie (James Anderson) recently when he tried to force her to confess her fears about Arthur. How have they been doing since?

"I think it's mostly been fine. Ollie and Zosia are very much in love and I do think that was just a bump in the road for them. But, next week, something happens…"

We know that Zosia gets a shock when she learns a newspaper is running a front-page story exposing ‘mentally ill medics’ at the hospital. She isn't named in the article, but then heart patient, Alex Lambert, starts asking questions…

“Zosia's already thrown a bit off balance by the exposé in the newspaper and Alex tries to rock the boat a bit. He wants to work out who the 'bipolar doctor' is on the ward."

Does anyone notice Zosia seems unsettled?

"Zosia's unaware that her dad Guy Self (John Michie) has been telling Ollie, who's a senior doctor, that she's all over the place, she's not herself, she's worrying about Arthur and she's not coping. But Ollie insists she's fine."

We know that things come to a head when Zosia’s name is then leaked online… and she thinks Alex is the culprit!

“When Zosia suspects Alex is the person who exposed her, and she flips out at him, Ollie’s alerted into thinking she’s not well enough to be operating.”

What does Ollie do?

"Unbeknownst to Zosia, Ollie informs Darwin consultant Mo Effanga of his concerns. Mo feels she can't allow Zosia to assist with an operation in theatre, and has her taken off the case."

How does Zosia react when discovers it was Ollie, of all people, who questioned her abilities?

"When Zosia finds out Ollie was the one to say she wasn't fit to work, she dumps him. It looks like it's really the end for them – I reckon it will take them a long time to recover."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1


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