Holby City's Rob Ostlere: 'Arthur's ready to be a transplant donor to prove he's a hero to Morven'

Programme Name: Holby City - TX: 16/02/2016 - Episode: Holby City - Series 18, ep 19 (No. 19) - Picture Shows: Morven Shreve (ELEANOR FANYINKA), Arthur Digby (ROB OSTLERE) - (C) BBC - Photographer: GRABS (Image credit: BBC)

Rob Ostlere reveals how the Holby City medic is all set to become an organ donor, when he gets some worrying news…

Doctor Arthur Digby has been dating fellow medic Morven Shreve (Ellie Fanyinka) for a while now. How does he feel about her?

"Arthur can't really believe Morven takes an interest in him because no girls take an interest in him, but she's kind of a little bit odd herself, really. So together she makes him feel kind of normal and part of the gang, which is what he's always wanted. He's found this person who understands him and he understands her."

Morven's father Austin needs an urgent liver transplant or he'll die. Why is Arthur so keen to find out if he's a suitable candidate to donate part of his liver to her dad?

"Arthur's the sort of person who always looks at the risks involved in something and takes the safest option but, for once, he really wants to show he can be impulsive and do something he's scared of. Arthur's always felt under pressure to live up to an ideal of what a doctor is and what a real man is. He truly loves Morven and wants to do something to make her feel that he can be strong for her."

In this week’s episode, Arthur has to undergo compatibility tests to see if he can be a donor for Austin, when Morven’s ex-boyfriend, Ulysses, turns up. What does Arthur make of him?

"Ulysses is confident, relaxed and one of those guys that things come easy to – he's basically everything Arthur isn't. All of Arthur's insecurities about what he lacks are represented by this guy – he's even got a heroic name!"

How delighted is Arthur when he learns that he IS a match for Austin and that the donation process can begin?

"Arthur's thrilled that he can give Morven this amazing gift of saving her father’s life. He's doing it to prove to her that he's a hero… he wants to be her hero. He's so excited to finally tell Morven that he's a match!"

During further tests, however, transplant co-ordinator Essie spots an irregular-looking mole on Arthur's back and, fearing it could be cancerous, urges him to have it checked out. How does Arthur take the news?

"Arthur thinks Essie’s just being over-protective; he's never really noticed the mole before and reckons it's probably nothing. He really doesn't want to be dealing with this right now – he just wants to push on with being the saviour of the day, which he's never been before."

Essie, however, is really concerned and calls on boss Hanssen for a second opinion….

"When Hanssen orders for the mole to be removed and examined to find out if it's cancer, Arthur feels like the rug has been pulled out from under him and all his plans are put on hold. He's shocked that it now looks like he's dealing with something much more serious. He shuts down and doesn't tell anyone about it… especially Morven."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.


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