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Holby's Joe McFadden: 'The fact Raf could lose his career sends him into freefall!'

Feeling guilty after his act of a revenge put a patient's life in danger - and Harry's job on the line - Raf's forced to consider his own future at Holby, as Joe McFadden reveals...

Still angry with Harry (Jules Knight) for sleeping with his wife Amy, Raf took revenge recently when he hid crucial notes for one of Harry's patients, who subsequently almost died in theatre. What drove Raf to do something so drastic?

"Raf's never believed Harry's a good doctor and, as Harry tries to move up the ranks at Holby, it's very difficult for Raf to see him have this wonderful life that Raf doesn't think he deserves. After Harry slept with Amy, Raf wanted revenge - he didn't want to see Harry succeed, and felt he had to put a stop to it, so that's why he did what he did."

Rather than try and destroy Harry, why didn't Raf just let Harry leave Holby and take the job in America when the opportunity came up?

"Even though that was Raf's chance to get rid of Harry, his desire for revenge ran much deeper. He was so full of anger that he was quite prepared to keep Harry around to keep punishing him, which is quite a dark thing to do but understandable I think."

As a result of Raf hiding the patient notes, Harry was suspended and, this week, he faces an inquiry and risks losing his job. But how does Raf feel knowing that he's really the one who put the patient's life in jeopardy?

"Raf's actions were totally out character for someone who's always been a consummate professional and his behaviour has made him question whether he should continue being a doctor. This is massive for Raf because his career has been his life - the fact he could now lose that sends him into freefall."

With Harry off the ward, Raf treats Vera, a patient who's deeply religious and who claims that: 'God sees everything'. Why does this comment make Raf anxious?

"Raf's from a big Italian Catholic family and, while he doesn't necessarily practise his faith, his beliefs are entrenched in him. Raf immediately felt guilty about what he'd done and viewers saw him go to church to ask a priest for some help and guidance."

So, will a guilty Raf come clean to bosses Guy and Serena about his part in the incident? And, whatever happens, does this mean the war is over between Raf and Harry?

"Raf really does want to move beyond what's gone on between them but I think it's safe to say you can expect a bit more conflict between Raf and Harry! At some point, though, there has to be some sort of resolution. Things have to be laid to rest in one way or another."

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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