James Anderson on Holby City return: 'Ollie's different now!' (VIDEO)

(Image credit: BBC)

James Anderson has hinted that fans of Holby City will see a different side to Dr Oliver Valentine, when the character returns to the BBC medical drama next week.

The dishy doc left Holby City in July 2013, following the death of his wife and fellow doctor, Tara Lo (Jing Lusi). He returned last Christmas, as a patient, and surgeon Elliot Hope saved his life with his pioneering Kibo heart device.

Now, following a stint working in a field hospital in Mexico, Ollie returns to Holby next week, as Darwin’s new registrar. But, as James exclusively told whatsontv.co.uk, Ollie seems far from happy to be back.

"He is different now," said James. "He's gone through a lot in the last couple of years and it does show… his bedside manner is the first thing that you’ll see tested. He is more abrupt now and he's a little more clinical now.

"Having lost people – his wife, his sister – in that hospital, he has a certain coldness now. But it's almost to protect himself from the pain that he’s been exposed to."

While James admitted he was happy to return to the job he loves, he said it was ‘terrifying’ having to learn all of the show's medical jargon once more.

"It is nerve-wracking, especially because I don't go round on a day-to-day basis ordering FBCs, Us and Es, LFTs… and all that stuff. I don't go into Pret a Manger and say it! But once you get your head around the words, everything else comes back quite nicely."

Tune into Holby City on Tuesday May 5 to see Ollie's return. And watch our full interview with James Anderson, above…

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