Meera Syal: 'There's unfinished business for Tara'

Meera Syal: 'There's unfinished business for Tara'
Meera Syal: 'There's unfinished business for Tara' (Image credit: BBC)

VIDEO: Meera Syal joins Holby City as surgeon Tara Sodi and, as she explains, Elliot's not all that pleased to see her... In Tuesday night's episode of Holby City, surgeon Elliot Hope gets more than a few surprises for his 50th birthday - not least a visit from his old friend and colleague, Tara Sodi. Tara is delighted to be reunited with Elliot after all these years - but it seems he still feels awkward around Tara after an experiment at medical school ended in tragedy. "We developed a medical technique together when we were training," Meera explains. "But we took a risk and operated on a child who then died. I've come back to persuade Elliot to give this technique another go." Unsurprisingly, a usually cautious Elliot isn't interested in Tara - or her ideas. "It's not like we became enemies but we found it really hard to be around each other because it was such a terrible failure professionally and such a terrible loss personally," says Meera. It seems that Elliot and Tara were once very close as colleagues - but did they ever mix business with pleasure? Meera says: "There's certainly unfinished business, that's all I can tell you." Catch Meera's debut in Holby City on Tuesday June 23 at 8pm on BBC One. CLICK below to watch Meera Syal talking about her Holby character Tara Sodi

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