‘Cameron thinks Ste is a pest to be exterminated,’ says Hollyoaks’ Cameron Moore

Hollyoaks' killer Cameron wants the good life with Leela and Peri. But he has to get rid of Ste first, Cameron Moore explains to Soaplife…

And how is Cameron going to remove Ste?

“It's a twisted plan. He wants to get Ste [Kieron Richardson] back on drugs and let him self-destruct. It's a much better way of removing him than murder.”

What’s got into Cameron?

“He just wants an ordinary family life with Leela [Kirsty-Leigh Porter], Tegan [Jessica Ellis] and Peri [Ruby O’Donnell]. He’s chasing normality, but people keep getting in his way. Ste’s pretty sure Cameron killed Lockie [Nick Rhys]. Ste’s also close to Leela and he doesn’t like Cameron. Ste’s an addict and Cameron doesn't have a good history with them. He's a pest that needs to be exterminated."

His idea of a normal family life is a bit warped!

“It’s certainly a unique approach to parenting! He doesn’t think about any damage he might be causing Peri. I always try and justify it because he isn’t a psychotic character who enjoys hurting people and killing. He just goes to extraordinary lengths to get what he wants.”

How does Cameron react when he sees Leela has a text from Jesse?

“He loses it. Fortunately, Leela has a way of talking Cameron down. However, Cameron will do what he needs to in order to nip this thing in the bud. He might not necessarily use violence, but he will make it clear to Jesse [Luke Jerdy] and Liam [Maxim Baldry] that they need to steer clear.”

How will Cameron get Ste to use drugs?

“I have to say, it’s a very clever and unusual tactic. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s so good that nobody will suspect Cameron is doing anything wrong. I couldn’t believe it when I read it. It’s brilliant!”

So Cameron wants Ste to get hooked again?

“Absolutely and, if he does, there'll be feigned guilt. Ste's trying to get close to Cameron to get information to use against him, but Cameron uses this to his advantage. He’ll make out to everyone that he’s genuinely concerned for Ste.

"It's going to get very dark, which is great. I love playing Cameron as I have to bring out the most despicable parts of myself and that's really good fun."

What would stop Cameron from being so twisted?

"He thinks if he was with Leela and Peri playing happy families with everything ticking along smoothly, he wouldn't have to go to such extremes. I'm trying to hold onto the belief that he's inherently good, but it is getting difficult…"

Hollyoaks, Channel 4