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Chelsee Healey: 'Normally I get slated online, so it's been really nice to come into Hollyoaks and get positive feedback!' (VIDEO)

chelsee healey

Social media hasn't always been a great place for Chelsee Healey. But she explains that since joining Hollyoaks she's been getting a great reception online

It's fair to say Chelsee Healey is loving playing Goldie McQueen. Not only has she slotted into the village with ease, but she's meeting with approval on social media.

Chelsee told What's on TV at the National TV Awards: "Everyone's been really nice. Normally I get slated on Twitter and Instragram, so it's been really nice to come into a job and get really positive feedback."

She added: "I wouldn't want to come in as someone other than Goldie. She offers so much, she's fun and I think she brings a lot to the show. I'm hoping that everyone's enjoying her."

Goldie's Achilles heel is her on-off partner, Shane, who arrives in the village next week.

"He's Goldie's weakness," said former Waterloo Road and Casualty star Chelsee. "He's always been in and out of her life. He's never really brought her any good, but she loves him. He always get his way with her. Even though she never wants to give in, she always does. But he's trouble."

Watch the chat with Chelsee Healey, above, and find out her unique way of learning lines!