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‘Grace’s kisses are the most fun!’ reveals Hollyoaks’ Daisy Wood-Davis

HollyoaksDaisy Wood-Davis has admitted snogging co-star Tamara Wall is much more fun than the kisses she shares with Jazmine Franks.

The 24-year-old actress plays scheming lesbian nurse Kim Butterfield in the Channel 4 soap, who is in a relationship with coffee shop owner Esther Bloom (Jazmine) but has been having a passionate affair with bad girl Grace Black (Tamara).

Jazmine Franks plays Esther Bloom in Hollyoaks

Jazmine Franks plays Esther Bloom in Hollyoaks (Lime Pictures)

Daisy revealed: “Obviously I don’t have a favourite! I’ve kissed Tam who plays Grace a lot more. Jaz and I have only had to do the odd peck here and there. Mine and Grace’s scenes have been a lot more rampant – so I’d probably say they are the most fun!”

The actress also revealed she doesn’t think Kim deliberately means to hurt Esther – who, in another twist, is the surrogate mother for Grace’s baby with Trevor Royle (Greg Wood).

Grace Black is played by Tamara Wall in Hollyoaks

Grace Black is played by Tamara Wall in Hollyoaks (Lime Pictures)

“I think when she met Esther it was just a nice safe option, but I do believe she loves Esther," adds Daisy. "It's just in a different way to how she loves Grace. This passion came out of nowhere between them both and it just got her hooked. She suddenly met someone that got her heart racing and she couldn’t stop thinking about and it just evolved from there, really.

“I think she does care about Esther, but she doesn’t want to leave her until she’s got Grace. I think she treats Esther very badly, but in Kim’s eyes she’s doing the best thing she can. She will always care for Esther and love her like a friend, rather than in a romantic fiery way like she does with Grace.”

Hollyoaks continues on Channel 4, Monday 15 June, 6.30pm.