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Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring: ‘Cindy’s a money-grabbing cow – and she’s making Mac pay!’

Bigamist Cindy in Hollyoaks thinks husband No 1, Mac, has wrecked her relationship with husband No 2, Dirk, and wants revenge, Stephanie Waring tells Soaplife.

Not one to shy away from a scam, Cindy Savage is fleecing Mac Nightingale with the help of the mysterious dodgy lawyer James. And what has he got against Mac (David Easter)? Imagine Cindy’s surprise when she finds out James (Gregory Finnegan) is Mac’s son and that Mac’s ex-wife, Marnie (Lysette Anthony), is in on the scam, too.

“Cindy didn’t see that coming,” says Steph. “She still wants Mac’s money, though. Half of everything Mac owns would set her up nicely. Cindy’s basically not a nice person. You have to think back to how she was with Tony and Darren. She’s a money-grabbing cow. She had a crisis of conscience about what she was doing to Mac, but she changes her mind because she needs James to help Holly [Amanda Clapham] with her drugs charge. When it comes to family, she’ll do anything.”

How does Mac react when he hears how Cindy’s going after everything he owns?

“He’s angry and he tells her he’ll report her for bigamy if she goes any further. She’s a bit worried by this, but James has told her she can plead insanity. She has bi-polar and can say she didn’t remember the wedding to Mac.”

How is her mental health at the moment?

“She’s on her medication and she’s doing well, in spite of the fact there’s so much going on in her life. She isn’t anxious or nervous. In fact, she’s the Cindy of old and I’m really enjoying that.”

Is she missing Dirk?

“Yes, but she’s just getting on with life. She’s quite strong. Of course, she wants to be with Dirk [David Kennedy] and back living as a family. She’s out on her ear at the moment, sleeping on the Roscoes’ sofa. That’s another reason why Mac’s assets would be really helpful.”

What happens when Cindy asks Mac to meet her lawyer in The Loft?

“When they get there, James says, ‘Hi, Dad’. Marnie’s there, too, and she says to Mac: ‘I’m going to help this girl take you for everything you have’. Cindy likes the fact Marnie’s taking Mac down a peg or two and she’s pleased to have somebody on her side.”

There’s also the matter of Alfie (Richard Linnell) being Cindy’s son…

“Yes and I’m sure she’ll find at out some point. When it happens, Cindy will be really shocked and angry with Mac for not telling her. It will be a massive thing for her to get her head round.”

Will she want to be a mother to Alfie?

“We’ll have to wait and see. Although Cindy’s lived her life trying to look after number one, she has tried to be a good mum.”

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