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Jennifer Metcalfe: ‘I’ll probably be in bed by midnight!’ (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment)

The Hollyoaks cast have a reputation for their love of fun, especially after awards ceremonies, but star Jennifer Metcalfe reveals she plans to be spitting Zs by midnight this year!

Jennifer, who plays Hollyoaks' favourite, Mercedes McQueen, says: “I go home really early these days, so I’ll probably be in bed by midnight! The others might crack on!

“I used to crack on till the early hours, but now I get really tired!”

Jennifer, 31, has been playing Mercedes McQueen since 2006, and is due to return to the soap after a short break. Although she’s not yet seen the new scripts, Jennifer has a fair idea of what’s in store for the ever-lively Mercedes!

“It’s amazing coming back and being in the midst of it all. I’ve not spoken to the script editors yet about what they have in store [for Mercedes] but I’m sure they’ll have something great!

“When I think ‘I’ve got to leave this year, there’s no more I can do’ they always come up with another great storyline that fits… I’m happy there for the foreseeable future!”

For more from Jennifer watch our video above