Home & Away actor Jackson Heywood on Brody Morgan and Ziggy Astoni love shock!

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Home & Away star Jackson Heywood has revealed that restaurateur Brody Morgan questions his future with Ziggy Astoni when she makes a shock confession...

Actor Jackson Heywood has talked to Soaplife about the latest twist in his Home & Away character Brody Morgan’s relationship with Ziggy Astoni.

What’s the story?

Now Brody Morgan’s back with Ziggy Astoni – hopefully for good – he’s making plans for their shared future, which he assumes will include them having children together. "He presumes Ziggy will want kids, too," actor Jackson Heywood revealed. "If you’re in a serious and loving relationship with someone you see a future with, it’s obvious to presume that’s where things will lead." But when Ziggy seems dead against the idea of starting a family – even way into the future - Brody can’t help wondering if they’re on the same page.

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Jackson Heywood’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: How long has Brody been broody?

Jackson Heywood: “He’s not desperate for kids or anything. In fact, he’s barely given it much thought till now, but he definitely knows he’d like them eventually.”

S: How does Brody discover Ziggy’s not into becoming a mum?

JH: “Ziggy and Brody spend the day with his niece, Ava. Ziggy and Ava really hit it off, causing Brody to comment what a good mum he thinks she’ll make. She doesn’t say anything to him at the time, but kind of makes excuses about hanging out with him.”

S: What does he do?

JH: “Brody knows something is wrong, so he seeks her out and asks her what’s wrong. Brody’s pretty straight up when something’s pressing, so he’s quick to bring it up. Honesty is always best. He’s probably hoping they’re on the same page a little bit, for sure.”

S: What’s her reply?

JH: “She tells him she’s freaked out by the thought of having children. He explains he doesn’t want them right now, but it’s clear she’s thinking maybe never. This shocks him and it causes him to question whether he and Ziggy are on the same page as much as he thought they were.”

S: Does Brody think he’ll be able to talk Ziggy round when he does start feeling clucky?

JH: “He’s not trying to manipulate or talk her into anything. He’s just hoping she shares the same desires as him about a family, as anyone would who’s in a loving relationship.”

S: Is this an issue that could threaten their relationship in the future?

JH: “Potentially. It’s a pretty big issue to deal with for any couple if one partner wants to have kids and the other doesn’t.”

S: They seem very much in love. Surely this won’t last long in a place like Summer Bay?

JH: “This is true. But here’s to hoping Zig and Brody break the mould on that one! Maybe true love does exist in the Bay!”

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