Home and Away's Nic Westaway: 'Kyle's in a coma after the bus crash!'

A big bus crash is about to leave the lives of Summer Bay favourites hanging in the balance, as they head for the city to see Kyle's girlfriend, Phoebe perform in a big music showcase.

Home and Away star, Nic Westaway, who plays Kyle tells us all about the big disaster...

How does Kyle feel about music producer, Nieve, and her big plans for his girlfriend, Phoebe? Does he trust Nieve?

"Not at all. She represents a music culture Kyle never thought Phoebe would be into, so he's torn between being there for Phoebe while being wary of Nieve’s true intentions."


Is Phoebe 'the one' as far as Kyle is concerned? Would you like a big soap wedding?

"Kyle is absolutely in love with Phoebe and he would love to spend the rest of his life with her. But he knows she wants more from her career so he has to be patient and support her with her dreams first."


How did the cast react when they heard a shock bus crash was coming up? Were you worried about being killed off?!

"We're used to drama in the Bay, but this affected so many characters and storylines. I was a little worried how it would turn out for a few, myself included."


How does this compare to previous Home and Away disasters? Did you watch the bus being flipped over on location?

"Every disaster is tragic but this one will have lasting effects, especially for a few characters. I was out on location when they did the stunt. It was insane! It’s very scary to think about how it would be if it happened in real life."


It's not looking good for Kyle in the aftermath of the crash. What happens to him?

"He's in an induced coma to help his body recover. Hopefully he's strong enough to come back from it. But it will take time and support from the Braxton clan."


So when your character is in a coma, does this mean you can have a bit of time off or a sleep on set?!

"Funny you should say that, I did go a bit method. I fell asleep during a scene because I was focusing so hard on relaxing and not moving. The director said that would've been OK but because of the tube in my throat, I started snoring. Not OK!"


You'll soon be the last remaining Braxton boy in the Bay! Have you been keeping in touch with your former on-screen brothers? And how do you feel about upholding the Braxton family legacy?

"I'll do my best to keep the Braxton name alive! I haven't really had a chance to catch up with any of the boys. They are busier than I am on the outside, heading to and from the US and picking up roles all over the place!"


Finally, we've seen Kyle sing with Phoebe before. Do you have any more music performances coming up on the show? Or are you working on your own music for fans to hear?

"We'll have to see where the singing goes with Kyle. He may be running into some complications in that area. For myself, I'm not sure if I'll ever be brave enough to release anything, but always working on bits and pieces."

Don't miss the shock bus crash in Home and Away on Friday, February 27 at 1.15pm/6pm on Channel 5

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