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Decker's niece Hope is snatched! But why?

Justin tracks down Decker's niece, but danger looms large when he goes to the address in Home and Away...

With Decker still in a critical state in Home and Away, Justin goes to the address that the witness protection officer gave him during a lucid moment at the hospital.

However he gets more than he bargained for when a young girl emerges from the property and tries to attack him with a plank of wood.

Meanwhile Kat and Ash also race to the house and block her path as she tries to run off. Justin is shocked when it transpires the girl is Decker's niece and she's living there with her sister Raffy.

Justin apologises for startling her, but there's fresh drama when Spike and a crew of thugs turn up at the house and bundle Hope into the back of a car.

What does Hope know, and can Justin rescue her?


Decker's niece Hope is kidnapped by Spike!

Earlier on, Hope hears someone approaching the house and arms herself with a plank of wood.

It's Justin who has come to the house looking for clues surrounding his parents' murky and mysterious past. Hope launches herself at him in self-defence.

Having been given a tip off, Kat and Ash also turn up at the property. Seeing Hope about to flee, they block her path.

Ash grabs Hope.

However, unbeknown to everyone, Spike is also at the scene and tries to grab Hope's younger sister Raffy.

Ash intervenes to try and save Raffy.

But it's too late for Hope - one of Spike's henchmen has got her.

A struggling Hope is bundled into the back of a car.

Will anyone be able to rescue her?

Justin lashes out at Spike.

A vicious fight ensues.

But it's no good, the car screeches off with Hope trapped in the back. Where are Spike's thugs taking her?

Kat tries to comfort Raffy.

Ash and Justin watch in dismay as the vehicle disappears from sight.

A distraught Raffy is desperate to find her sister. What do these two sisters know and why did Decker send Justin to the address? Watch Home and Away on Channel 5 from Monday, October 24