Can you jailbreak an Amazon Fire TV Cube?

Best answer: You can get what usually results from jailbreaking, but "jailbreaking" isn't what you think it is when it comes to the Fire TV Cube.

Amazon: Amazon Fire TV Cube ($120)

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking technically doesn't have anything to do with the Fire TV Cube or Android (the operating system Fire TV devices run): the term originated with the iPhone. Jailbreaking was (and is) a way to remove software restrictions on Apple's platform, so users can run applications from outside the App Store. While the term started on iOS, it's become synonymous with hacking devices in general.

Can you jailbreak a Fire TV Cube?

Even if we use the term "jailbreaking" to describe hacking non-iOS devices, what most people mean when they say they're "jailbreaking" a Fire TV doesn't involve hacking at all.

Android has made it really easy to install applications from outside Google's — or in this case, Amazon's — app store. You really just need to change one setting on the device, and you can install applications from anywhere you want. With the TV Cube, it's called "sideloading."

Keep in mind the internet is a dangerous place, and it's easy to install something that'll harm your device or steal your account data, so be sure you understand what you're installing.

How to sideload applications on a Fire TV Cube

  1. Open Settings .
  2. Navigate to the right and select Device.
  3. Select Developer options .
  4. Select Apps from Unknown Sources .
  5. Click Turn On .
  6. Download and install the Downloader application .

Download has its own web browser that you can use to download and install applications from the internet. Again, make sure you're getting these applications from a safe place before installing them.