Can you watch Apple TV+ on PlayStation?

Best answer: No, you can not watch Apple TV+ on PlayStation currently. At launch, you will be able to watch Apple TV+ in the TV app on Apple devices and Samsung Smart TVs. More support is coming soon.

Apple TV+ preparing to launch

Apple has been sharing more details about their new Apple TV+ service as they approach the November 1 launch date. As people watch more previews of the shows that will be available, they are thinking about how they can watch the service. Will you be able to use a device you already have, like your gaming console? Can you watch Apple TV+ on PlayStation?

Apple TV+ details

Apple TV+ is a standalone streaming service from the company behind iTunes. Instead of buying shows that have already appeared on other networks, Apple TV+ will have new original shows, and they will all be available as part of your subscription. From "The Morning Show" with Jennifer Anniston to "Home Before Dark" from Hilde Lysiak, viewers should expect a wide variety of options.

Apple has taken a new approach to this service, similar to its successful Apple Music. Instead of locking this content up exclusively to their own hardware, Apple TV+ will be available to watch on some other streaming TV platforms. You may wonder if this will include the streaming devices you use, especially if you are an avid gamer.

PlayStation meets Apple TV+?

PlayStation has become quite popular as a streaming platform beyond games. Players are already used to the interface, and they already have it plugged into an HDMI port on their TV. Systems like the PlayStation 4 are plenty powerful enough to handle streaming video, and it is more efficient to have one as an all-in-one device. But will it be ready to watch Apple TV+ this fall?

No, Apple TV+ will not be available to watch on PlayStation devices. Apple has not included this, or any other gaming console, on the list of devices supporting the service now or in the future.

How to watch Apple TV+ on your TV

If you do want to watch Apple TV+, you will have options even if your PlayStation isn't one of them. You can watch Apple TV+ on Apple devices with the TV app, including modern iPhones, iPads, and the latest Apple TV devices. It will also be available at launch on Samsung Smart TVs.

Apple TV+ is coming soon to Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices, along with smart TVs from LG, Sony, and Vizio.

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