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Does CuriosityStream have closed captions?

Best answer: Yes. About 85% of the content on CuriosityStream offers closed captioning in English. Unfortunately, closed captioning and other languages are not currently available through the service. However, plans to expand into other languages are in place

Spelling it out

Closed captions are a way to visually show the words (and sometimes sounds) being spoken in a video. It's a handy feature for those who rely on translation, are hard of hearing, or just like to see what the people on the screen are saying. From time to time, it helps me out when my wife and I want to watch a show after the kids have gone to bed, and we need to keep the volume down.

There are a few caveats to be aware of though in regards to the availability of closed captions through CuriosityStream. Currently, only about 85 percent of the videos have closed captions available. CuriosityStream is working on expanding videos with them to cover as much of their programming as possible. They have stated that while the vast majority of their catalog consists of videos in the English language, they do hope to translate those subtitles into other widely spoken languages per customer demands.

Reading what you can't hear

Turning on closed captions is as simple as a few clicks or taps. However, it is necessary to turn it on each time you choose to watch a video.

  1. Find the video you'd like to watch
  2. See if it notes subtitles available in English or has the CC logo
  3. If it does, start the video .
  4. Click the gear "settings" icon while it's playing.
  5. Select English .

Whatever your reason for using it, closed captioning is great and it can help you get the most out of CuriosityStream. Maybe The Rise & Fall of T-Rex or perhaps Next World with Michio Kaku sound great to you, but you need closed captions to get all the intricate details. Hopefully, with future updates, CuriosityStream's closed caption and language options will expand into other language. For now, you can check out the English options.