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Does HDHomeRun work with Mac OS?

Best answer: Yes, you can stream on HDHomeRun with Mac OS as long as you don't intend to view DRM content.

Mac OS and HDHomeRun

You can enjoy everything that HDHomeRun has to offer on your Mac OS device. Whether it's your Mac or your MacBook, you'll be able to stream just about everything on your device.

The only content not currently available on Mac OS is DRM content, which is content that is protected by copyright for digital media use. That means any content where they have to purchase the rights to stream it will not be available on this platform. An example of that would be a TV show that limits the amount of downloads you can get, restricting certain places to get the rights.

How do I get HDHomeRun on my Mac?

To get HDHomeRun on your Mac, you have to follow the instructions on the website to get it on your device. On SiliconDust's website, you will find a link to the application for computers to get the area where you can download HDHomeRun on your device.

When you get to the My HDHomeRun site, it will be able to detect your HDHomeRun device and take you through the steps to set it up on your laptop or desktop computer.

  1. Download the software for HDHomeRun
  2. Install the software to your device
  3. Verify it's installed and activated

This will allow you to use your HDHomeRun box on that device. Now, you can stream your live TV right on your Mac whenever you'd like to.

What is HDHomeRun?

HDHomeRun is a cable-alternative box that uses over-the-air antenna waves to bring you live TV at a much cheaper price. Instead of paying a hefty price every month, you only have to pay for the box, which eliminates a monthly fee. It has multiple tuners to be able to stream live TV to multiple devices, including your Mac.

The HDHomeRun app is completely free to use and allows you to watch some of your favorite live shows from your favorite devices. Whether it's you or your friends, you can use it in any room on any device that supports HDHomeRun.