Apple TV Plus MLS plan: price, season pass and what games you can stream

The Apple TV Plus MLS Season Pass logo over a football field.
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The Apple TV Plus MLS Plan is quite a confusing subscription service to get your head around, but that's why we've written this guide; soon you'll be watching soccer in no time.

Major League Soccer (MLS) is popular enough that, in early 2023, Apple released a brand-new streaming service dedicated to the games. Despite the name, it's not the same as Apple TV Plus, as there are no movies or TV shows here.

On Apple TV Plus MLS, you can watch MLS to your heart's content, whether you just want to catch the games from the team you support, or as much ball action as you can.

But there's a catch — the plan can be a little hard to get your head around sometimes. That's why we've written this guide, to help you get your head around Apple TV Plus' MLS tier.

Apple TV Plus MLS price

So what's the cost of Apple TV Plus MLS each month? In the US, you have to pay $14.99 for the plan, and in the UK it's £14.99.

The plan doesn't include the standard Apple TV Plus, but if you already subscribe to Apple's movie and TV subscription service, you can save $2/£2 on that monthly cost. In addition, the Apple TV Plus free trials you see everywhere doesn't cover the MLS plan, except in a few special cases.

Apple TV Plus MLS season pass

You can save money on the Apple TV Plus MLS plan by paying for a season pass, which will let you watch games until the MLS season ends in December.

This costs $99/£99, but if you already subscribe to Apple TV Plus, it's only $79/£79, so you'll save money by paying for the full season of the streaming service that way.

What MLS games can you stream?

The good news for MLS fans is that the Apple TV Plus MLS plan lets you stream every single game from the 29 teams participating in the league. This includes regular season matches, as well as playoff and MLS Cup matches.

Plus, all of the Leagues Cup matches are available on the MLS Season Pass too, so you can see the US, Canadian and Mexican teams go head-to-head. The exception to this is Mexico, as the Apple TV Plus app won't let you stream Leagues Cup games there.

How to stream Apple TV Plus MLS

You use the Apple TV Plus app to stream MLS games.

This app is available on all Apple devices including iPhones on iOS, iPads on iPadOS, Macs on MacOS and Apple TVs on tvOS.

In addition you can use smart TVs, games consoles, PCs, Android phones and tablets, ChromeOS devices and Windows PCs to stream Apple TV Plus, and therefore MLS.

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