Does Tidal have an Apple Watch app?

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Best answer: Although Tidal is integrated into several wearables, the app is still conspicuously missing from the Apple Watch. It's no surprise considering that Tidal is a third-party app competing with Apple's own Apple Music. There are other options, luckily.

Beating the Tidal tides

Music streaming services are at a peak right now, and Tidal has gone the extra mile to stay ahead of the pack. While the premium monthly subscription is as good as offerings from Apple Music and Spotify, the real audio difference comes with the lossless High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) streaming tier. Tidal achieves such fantastic audio quality by streaming files in FLAC format, which is as good as CD-audio quality. You get to listen to music just the way the artist recorded it in the studio.

While Tidal has made tremendous efforts in availing its app across several devices-wearables included, there is no Tidal app for the Apple Watch yet.

If you already own an Apple Watch, streaming music using the default Apple Music and other dominant apps like Spotify is still a painless option. Unfortunately, if you have to play Tidal on the wrist, you can do so by virtue of third-party tools (audio converters), and it entails a myriad of steps. You will have to download Tidal music to a computer, transfer the files to your iPhone, and sync the data to Apple Watch.

An easier way would be to either use Apple Music and skip Tidal altogether, or get another smartwatch. Streaming Tidal on your wrist is still possible using select Samsung Galaxy Gear , but you will need to activate the Tidal watch app from your phone. Don't fret if you own an iPhone though — most iPhones are compatible with Samsung Gear, and setup is pretty straight forward. You can also opt to download music from Tidal and keep listening when in offline mode. While the wait for Tidal's Apple Watch app continues, using Samsung Gear is a feasible option to keep enjoying Tidal on your wrist.

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