How to customize closed-captions on PlayStation Vue

As someone who requires a hearing aid to function in my daily life, the option to make closed captions have my own preferred settings is always ideal. The ability to change the size, font, color and more can really make a difference when it comes to enjoying online streaming. It's another reason why I'm so in love with PlayStation Vue— because it gives me those options. Here's how to enable and disable your PlayStation Vue closed captions and customize them to your preference!

How to customize your closed captions

  1. Go to the Settings screen from the main menu of the PlayStation Vue .
  2. Select Display .
  3. Select Customize .

From here you can customize how your closed captioning appears on your screen.

Turn closed captions on/off from PlayStation

  1. Press the left analog stick and move down to open the Vue menu.
  2. Select the CC icon .
  3. From here you can turn closed captioning on or off.

Turn closed captions on/off from Roku

  1. Open the show you want to watch.
  2. Press the star (*) button to turn closed captioning on or off.

Turn closed captions on/off from Amazon Fire TV

  1. From the remote use Navigate and go down to open the Vue menu.
  2. Select the CC icon from this menu.
  3. Select the CC icon to turn closed captioning on or off. When your CC icon is solid white it means the closed captioning is on.

Turn closed captions on/off from Apple TV

  1. Swipe down on Navigate and open the top menu.
  2. Select subtitles .
  3. Select CC1 to turn closed captioning on or off.

What is PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue is a subscription service for streaming TV shows and movies online. There are several plan options, plenty of channels, and even a few premium channels to enjoy!

  • Access ($45): This is the most basic package you can get with PlayStation Vue. You get 45 channels, from AMC to CNN and Fox News, to ESPN and Disney, and more.
  • Core ($50): This package adds in sports channels like MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, and regional sports. You'll also get the Cooking Channel and additional movie channels.
  • Elite ($60): This'll get you BBC World News and a bunch of movie channels (including some great bad movies on demand) that you never knew existed.
  • Ultra ($80): This is everything in the Elite package, but with HBO and Showtime (east and west for both) added in. And that's not a bad deal at $10 each per month, which both of them costing more if you were to get them separately. You'll also have access to the Showtime Anytime app, And HBO Now apps.

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