How to download the HDHomeRun app

At this point, you have purchased a HDHomeRun box in order to stream to your mobile devices and desktop. However, how exactly do you get it onto your devices? Here's a guide to make getting the app on your phone or PC easier.

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How to download the HDHomeRun app on your mobile device

  1. Open your App Store and type in HDHomeRun.
  2. Tap the app and click download.

Now, ensure that the app is downloaded and you should be all set on your mobile device.

How to download HDHomeRun on your desktop

  1. Go to downloads on
  2. Select the link that your desktop would support

Follow the steps that the website gives you to add HDHomeRun to your desktop.

The HDHomeRun app will automatically pick up your device through the app or on the desktop, so there's no need to create an account. There's also no other app set up necessary, so once the box is set up and you follow these steps, you'll have live cable at your fingertips.

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