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How to update your Netflix account settings


Funny thing about online accounts: We tend to forget we can change things up once we have them. Maybe you got a new email address. Or maybe you need to change your billing information. Or maybe you needed a new secret identity or went into witness protection but still have to get your fill of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

For that, you'll need to dive into your Netflix account settings. Fortunately, they make it easy enough to do.

To get to your Netflix account settings, just head to . Assuming you're logged in (if you're not, erm, go ahead and do so) you'll now see links to all the things you could possible change. Let's walk through them

  • Membership and billing: This is where you can change your email address, password and phone number. You'll also find a cancellation button in this section, as well as links for your billing details and to update your payment information Below that is a field to input the code from a gift card.
  • Play Details: This is where you can change your plan details, from Netflix's low-end option to the top-shelf choice that'll also get you the highest resolution possible. There's also a link for Netflix's DVD plans. Below that you have links for communications settings (all the emails Netflix might send), parental controls, test and previews (you'll see changes before anyone else), devices that can download movies for offline viewing, device activation (like an Apple TV or Roku), recent streaming activity (where you can see all the devices using your account), and an option to sign out of all devices attached to your Netflix account.
  • My Profile: This is where you'll find links to manage additional profiles on your account (for, say, a spouse or kids), language (as in Germany or Spanish, not the bleeping of curse words), playback settings (higher is better, but uses more data), subtitles, "order in my list" (which lets you manually manipulate your lists instead of using Netflix's algorithms), viewing activity (which shows you've watched), ratings (how you rated shows) and reviews (as in the reviews you left on shows).

And that's it. All the important Netflix account stuff in one place.