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What hard drives work with Tablo Quad?

Tablo Quad

Best answer: Tablo recommends using either Western Digital Blue or Seagate BarraCuda internal SATA drives with the Tablo Quad.

Tablo recommends hard drives for a reason

When it comes to recording over-the-air TV via a Tablo box, you don't want to mess around with just any old hard drive. And that makes sense, right? Tablo has tested things to make sure they actually work. And you want to make sure that what you record actually records . So do yourself a favor and stick with their recommendations. (Or play with fire. Your call.)

And to that end, Tablo recommends either Western Digital Blue or Seagate BarraCuda internal hard drives for the Tablo Quad. That doesn't mean other drives won't work — they've got a fairly extensive list of drives that have been tested by users and are technically compatible. But given that hard drives are so inexpensive these days, we'd recommend just going with what Tablo says is the best. No reason not to, really.