Which Xbox should you buy?

Xbox One X

An Xbox One X with 1TB of storage runs $478 at Amazon.

Shopping for an Xbox One? There are two models for you to consider: the Xbox One S, and the Xbox One X. Both are positioned at very different crowds for very different reasons.

Both these consoles can handle 4K HDR multimedia, they play the same games, stream the same video services, and they offer the same connectivity options, including an HDMI passthrough port and an IR blaster for cable, satellite, and digital TV integration.

So which Xbox One should you buy if you're a cord-cutter? Let's explore.

Which Xbox One will you buy?

As you can see, your choice of Xbox One is really down to your budget. The One X delivers an unprecedented gaming experience as it's the most powerful console ever made, but the Xbox One S still offers next-gen capabilities and visuals for a more affordable price tag. What's your pick?