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K-Shop | A South Coast Sweeney Todd ensures his town's binge drinkers get kebabbed

K-Shop Ziad Abaza

K-Shop Ziad Abaza

Darkly comic low-budget horror thriller K-Shop takes a scathing, scornful swipe at Britain’s binge-drinking culture with its tale of a graduate student (Ziad Abaza) who turns into a south-coast Sweeney Todd after drunken yobs cause the death of his kebab-shop owner father. So he kills his most abusive customers and turns them into kebabs.

Writer-director Dan Pringle intersperses his protagonist's gory actions with verité footage of inebriated night-time revelry on the streets of Bournemouth that proves even more nauseating. His film is overlong and uneven, but it certainly offers grisly food for thought.

Certificate 18. Runtime 117 mins. Director Dan Pringle

K-Shop debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 6 April and is available on DVD from Bulldog Films.