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The Layover | Sex comedy starring Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton fails to take off

The Layover Alexandra Daddario Kate Upton
(Image credit: © 2017 Layover LLC. ALL RIGHTS)

The Layover Alexandra Daddario Kate Upton

The flight is off. The fight is on.

En route to a holiday break in Florida, chalk-and-cheese best friends Kate Upton (blonde, brash and flirty) and Alexandra Daddario (angsty brunette) set their caps at the same hunky guy (Matt Barr) after a hurricane warning strands their flight in St Louis for an extended layover. All too predictably, their rivalry spirals way out of control.

Noxious sex comedy The Layover goes out of its way to make its co-dependent frenemies dislikeable, so it’s no surprise we quickly lose interest in their antics. What is a surprise is that the director behind this shoddy farrago is actor William H Macy of Fargo and Shameless fame.

Certificate 15. Runtime 88 mins. Director William H Macy

The Layover available on DVD & Digital from Universal.