Diana: The Woman Inside (2017) | A revealing new documentary explores the exceptional woman and mother behind the Princess

Diana - The Woman Inside (2017)
(Image credit: spider.murph)

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the new documentary Diana: The Woman Inside, from film-maker Sonia Anderson explores her life as a woman and mother rather than public icon.

From her loving nature that touched everyone around the world, Diana relied on fun, simplicity and love to cope with the challenge of unparalleled celebrity. Rather than seeing her as a figure of tragedy, Diana: the Woman Inside rediscovers the true essence of Diana with an almost exclusively female cast who were all personally involved with Diana, including Simone Simmons - Diana’s friend, confidante and spiritual healer, Wendy Mitchell - Diana’s boarding school ballet teacher, Elizabeth Emanuel - Designed Diana’s wedding dress, and Ingrid Seward - who acted as a go-between with Charles and Diana.

Available on DVD from Screenbound Pictures: http://www.classicfilmsdirect.com/pr…/diana-the-woman-inside