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Sky | Diane Kruger is on the loose and searching for freedom in the American West

Sky Norman Reedus Diane Kruger
(Image credit: © 2016 Le Bureau - Pandora Film)

Sky Norman Reedus Diane Kruger

On the loose.

Restless and adrift in the American West after a terminal bust up with her churlish husband, Diana Kruger’s French tourist rattles from one strange encounter to the next, including brushes with a showgirl in a bunny costume and a pair of Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas, a gap-toothed permanently pregnant trailer park wife (a bizarrely cast Lena Dunham), and an aloof and laconic cowboy (Norman Reedus) with whom she falls in love. Like its heroine, actress-turned-director Fabienne Berthaud's art-house road movie Sky stops and starts, and sometimes swerves in directions you don’t expect. But its very oddness keeps you watching.

Certificate 15. Runtime 98 mins. Director Fabienne Berthaud

Sky is available on Digital Download.