Will Amy and Toadie get together? Here's what Neighbours star Zoe Cramond thinks…

Neighbours, Zoe Cramond, amy williams plays Amy Williams

Neighbours star Zoe Cramond talks about Amy Williams’ feelings for her old friend Toadie Rebecchi…

Amy Williams and Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours? On paper, they’re far from being the perfect match. But, as circumstances throw them together, Amy starts having certain feelings.

“Amy develops a deeper connection with Toadie,” Zoe Cramond told Soaplife. “She sees just what a great guy he actually is and how he represents what Amy’s never had. She wants that kind of man in her life. And she wants him in son Jimmy’s life, too!”

But what about Toadie’s wife, Sonya? “Toadie’s marriage to Sonya is in big trouble. Toadie [Ryan Moloney] really leans on Amy as a friend and they become very close. I guess Amy’s had a glimpse of what it would be like to have someone like Toadie as a partner.”

What are her feelings when Toadie kisses her on the cheek? “Amy thinks it means Toadie sees her as more than friend, so she seeks some ‘guy advice’ from Tyler Brennan and talks to some friends… Everyone is agreeing that Toadie is, in fact, into her. So she starts believing it.”

Does she say anything to him? “Amy brings it up loosely once, but she doesn’t ask him directly about it.”

Again… there’s still Sonya… “Sonya actually discusses the situation with Amy, but it never really gets resolved. Amy knows deep down that she and Toadie could only ever be friends because she could never betray Sonya like that. But anything’s possible in Neighbours! At the end of the day, it comes from Amy wanting a good man in her life – then Toadie shows up! It’s definitely more the idea of Toadie than the reality, though. It would never sit right if Amy broke up a couple. She has too much of a moral compass for that.”

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