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Neighbours star Matt Wilson: Aaron goes on a secret mission to Paris!

Neighbours star Aaron Paris

Matt Wilson talks to us about why Aaron is heading to France...

Neighbours star Matt Wilson has spoken to us about why his Ramsay Street alter ego, Aaron, heads to Paris...

Here is our exclusive interview with Neighbours star Matt Wilson...

WOTV: So, Matt we assume you know what a huge deal Neighbours is in the UK?

Matt Wilson: "Yes and we love it over here. I’ve heard a story of an island in Ireland that has one pub and at 1:30pm every day that pub plays Neighbours, with all the locals stopping by to watch. I’d love to go there one day."

WOTV: You must be pleased by the new deal to keep Neighbours on our screens?

MW: "It’s all very exciting over here too. We will be the first Aussie show to screen all year round. We’ll be making more television than ever before come 2018."

WOTV: It seems an exciting time to be in the show with a number of special episodes planned?

MW: "Neighbours for as long as I’ve known has always had a few key storylines per year…like the tornado, Lassiters explosion or Toadies wedding/Dee’s death. From what I know, we will maintain that, plus a few extra prime time specials. These are always great to be a part of. The entire production pulls out all stops for the big storylines. It’s almost like filming on a movie set."

WOTV: Sounds like Aaron is turning detective in the show – can you tell us more about that?

MW: "Aaron and Mark are both growing more and more suspicious of Hamish. Aaron finds a crack in Hamish’s story when he mentions anything about Paris. Aaron has pressed on a wound that Hamish doesn’t want found so he commits to his suspicions and heads off to Paris to dig up more dirt."

WOTV: What does Aaron think of Hamish?

MW: "Aaron knows that things aren’t adding up with Hamish. He has turned Tyler away from his brothers Aaron & Mark and Piper too."

WOTV: What takes him to France?

MW: "Aaron spies on Hamish’s assistant handling letters addressed to him from France. Then finds a photo of a lady in Paris with 'Don’t forget me. I know your secrets' written on the back. Something has to be done before the brothers lose Tyler to Hamish so Aaron empties his bank account to fly to the city of love."

Aaron Brennan finds a photo of an unknown woman in Hamish Roche's briefcase in Neighbours.

Elsewhere, Aaron does some digging and discovers a photo of a mystery woman in Hamish's briefcase

Aaron does some digging and discovers a photo of a mystery woman which leads him to Paris...


WOTV: And you got to go to France!

MW: "I did fly to France! All exterior shots were filmed in Paris whilst all interiors were filmed here in Australia. We built a replica Parisian hotel room in the studios here to film those scenes."

WOTV: Does Aaron have lots of big storylines coming up and can you hint at them?

MW: "Plenty coming up for Aaron and the Brennan Brothers. It all gets pretty dark for the Brennan brothers in the coming months. It’s been an intense few months filming these storylines but something we are all proud of."

WOTV: Who’s your dream star guest for the show?

MW: "Sacha Baron Cohen as one of his outrageous characters would be a dream come true."

Neighbours airs on Channel 5, weekdays - 1.45pm & 5.30pm