Charlie is trapped in a skip in Neighbours

When Charlie gets into a fight with Archie it ends with a terrified Charlie trapped inside a skip in Neighbours!

When Archie has a go at Jimmy about his mum's cleaning scandal in Neighbours, Charlie wades in to stick up for his mate. However, Archie won't let it go and later has another dig, this time at Charlie.

As the two boys start arguing, things escalate and Archie ends up pushing Charlie into a skip. Cocky Archie walks away leaving Charlie trapped – is anyone going to come to his rescue?

Charlie starts to panic when he realises there's no way he can get out and desperately starts banging on the sides and calling for help.

Meanwhile Paige, who's enjoying a secret tryst with Tyler at the garage, is certain she can hear something and tells Tyler. But he dismisses it and the pair carry on kissing.

Meanwhile Steph thinks Charlie is staying over at Jimmy's, but when she turns up to fetch him the next day and discovers he hasn't been there, she starts to panic and immediately blames Amy.

As the hunt for the schoolboy begins, Mark and Steph track down Archie who flatly denies seeing Charlie. As a lorry comes to pick up the skip, is Charlie about to be hurled away with the rubbish!? Watch Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday, August 1.